Freddie’s Flower People: Rosie Millard

Freddie’s Flowers customers are all naturally lovely people. Here’s one of them – broadcaster, author and North London resident Rosie Millard…

Freddie’s Flowers customers are all naturally lovely people. Here’s one of them – broadcaster, author and North London resident Rosie Millard…

Have you heard of ‘nominative determinism’? It basically means your destiny follows your name. So our own dear Freddie Garland was bound to get into flowers wasn’t he?

How about journalist, broadcaster, author, marathon runner and mother of four, Rosie Millard? With a name like that of course she loves flowers. But are roses her favourite?

“I do love roses of course and we have a wonderful Rambling Rector currently going mad in our garden, but my absolute favourite flower is the glamorous and luxuriant peony, inspiration for artists and lovers alike.”

We got to know Rosie as an appreciative customer: “I think it is a brilliant and inspired service and it gives me joy every day.” And we wanted to know more about her as she seems to be, well, flower-powered.


‘Naughty bits’

She was the BBC’s Arts Correspondent for a decade and continues to contribute to TV and radio as a freelancer. She writes columns and features for a variety of publications. Her first novel, The Square, an entertaining romp through one of London’s leafy (and, secretly, quite licentious) squares, was published last year (available here). Rosie lives on a square herself but insists she made all the naughty bits up.

She also supports some interesting and very worthwhile projects. Most recently she was appointed Chair of Hull City of Culture 2017. Is Hull a flowerful city?

“It certainly is. When we won the title City of Culture 2017 the name of the city was spelt out in flowers at the Marina. It is a surprising city too; independent, distinctive and very warm, with its own train service, its own phone exchange and now a Premiership football team!”



And did we mention she’s a mother of four who runs marathons? She once ran a marathon on the Great Wall of China. Her next challenge is the slightly shorter Humber Bridge Half Marathon at the end of June, then the Vitality British 10k, which follows a fabulous route in central London on 10th July and then the Chicago Marathon on October 7.

“My training has just been boosted by news that I’m doing a training run with Olympic athlete Perri Shakes Drayton along the Thames. Followed by eating RAW FOOD at Rawligion, a restaurant which saves on cooking costs by not doing any. Plus the news that my friend Colin Hancock is coming over from Africa to do the 10K with me. All of which is very exciting except when a mate of mine ran with marathon legend Haile Gebrselassie and he was so brilliant that he (the mate) felt like giving up. NEVER.”


We guess if nominative determinism was really a thing she would probably have been named something like Rosie Superwoman.

Anyhow. We like to think our flowerful stuff helps keep her on top of things. Here’s a lovely photo she’s taken of a recent arrangement (lilies, alstroemeria and ruscus – these are just a third of them, she divided her most recent super-abundant Freddies Flowers delivery across three vases):


Rosie’s lilies, alstroemeria and ruscus arrangement
If you’d like to try to keep up with Rosie, she blogs here and tweets from here. She’d love to hear from you.

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