Hyacinths for the Soul, or Why everyone deserves a naturally lovely home

Yes, we all know flowers are beautiful, colourful, fragrant… but why are they so IMPORTANT? Allow us to explain…

Yes, we all know flowers are beautiful, colourful, interesting, fragrant… but why are they so important? Allow us to explain…

How’s this for a true, wise and very learn-by-heartable little poem? It’s by the 13th century writer Saadi of Shiraz:

If, of thy mortal goods, thou art bereft,
And from thy slender store two loaves
alone to thee are left,
Sell one & from the dole,
Buy Hyacinths to feed the soul.

At Freddie’s Flowers, we couldn’t agree more!

There are lots of good things about flowers, of course. But the really important thing about them is that they feed the soul.

And they do that by transforming your home into a more beautiful, colourful, sweet-smelling place. Or as we like to say, they make your home more naturally lovely.


As Freddie’s Flower People (aka our customers) keep telling us, the joy of weekly deliveries is that when you have a steady stream of gorgeous flowers coming into your house, life just seems better. Your vases are continually being filled by splendid new arrangements, and then you can mix and match and use flowers in different rooms until your whole house becomes – as Freddie himself puts it – ‘like a big evolving artwork’.

Not bad for £20 a pop, eh?

Certainly there are worse ways to spend your spondoolicks. For example…


Eight common things that don’t make your life more naturally lovely at all…

1. Spending money on not really getting fit

Three visits to the gym, all of them in January, for the frankly eye-watering cost of an Annual Membership…. A cross-trainer in the spare room (aka the world’s most expensive clothes drier)… Sometimes we forget that walking in the park is free (and you can stop to smell the flowers, too.)


2. Stocking your cupboard with spices you’ve never heard of and will use possibly once ever

Don’t we love those exciting recipes from the Levant and Middle East, especially from that lovely Ottolenghi? Look amazing in the colour supplements, use lots of healthy ingredients. Just one problem: you need  spices with names like baharat, za’atar and ras el hanout. They sound wonderful, smell divine…It’s just that after your night of experimentation, they will sit in your cupboard unused for the next decade or two.


3. Dressing up clothes for men

Sadly, it turns out that constantly upgrading your clubs, bags, trolleys, shoes, gloves, balls, tees, polo shirts, binoculars, visors, sunglasses, trousers, umbrellas and ball cleaning devices doesn’t actually make you play golf like a pro. And for those MAMILs*, dressing in skin-tight, fluorescent lycra doesn’t mean you’ll be able to enter the Tour de France next year, either. [*Middle Aged Man In Lycra]


4. Surreal coffees

That Gingerbread Banana Caramel Mochaccino seems pretty conservative choice now that somebody has invented the Deconstructed Flat White, consisting of espresso coffee, milk and hot water served separately in three beakers on a wooden plank:

decontructed flat white

5. Obscure kitchen gadgets

The kind with a function so incredibly specialised that nobody can remember what it is, and when you pull it out of the back of the cupboard you’ll just stand around looking at it and trying to guess. Is it some sort of egg poacher, or do you use it for peeling kumquats?


6. Fashion fads

Shoulder pads, crocs, ‘clear’ bra straps that are still perfectly visible, platform sneakers… they all must have seemed like a good idea to somebody at some time. Surely?


7. Diet fads

Research shows that literally millions of pounds are disappearing from British wallets on diet books and weird foods – from macrobiotics to caveman grub – and yet hardly any pounds are disappearing from British waistlines.


8. Fad clothes that will fit after you’ve been on the fad diet

From the peg to the wardrobe to the charity shop, without once gracing your person. Sigh.


Thankfully, Freddie’s Flowers customers don’t have to fret about any of that sort of thing, because they’ve discovered that the secret of domestic bliss is to be constantly surprised and delighted with fresh flower deliveries.

When you think about it, it’s positively criminal that some people haven’t cottoned on to it yet.

So if you have a friend who could do with some ‘hyacinths for the soul’, why not share this post with them on Facebook and help make the world a slightly more naturally lovely place?


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