Freddie’s Flower People: Zoë Wanamaker

Freddie’s Flowers customers are all naturally lovely people. Take, for example, the one and only Zoë Wanamaker…

Freddie’s Flowers customers are all naturally lovely people. Take, for example, the one and only Zoë Wanamaker…

It’s the early days of Freddie’s Flowers (i.e last year). Picture our Freddie speeding through the streets of West London behind the steering wheel of his flowermobile (a milk float bought on eBay), stopping and starting to make deliveries, and only very occasionally hitting top speed of 8mph. It’s raining and, as ever, he’s being followed by queues of angry, hooting motorists and is laughed at by crowds of schoolchildren who stop and point on their way to school.

The infamous flowermobile


You have to ask yourself: How on earth did Freddie keep his morale up? How did he maintain a cheery demeanour on the doorstep? How did he just keep going?

A love of flowers and a mission to make everyone’s home more naturally lovely helps, of course. But it might not have been enough. So thank the Lord for chance encounters with inspiring people.

Imagine on such a day knocking on a front door and finding yourself looking at Madam Hooch (from the Harry Potter films). This is how Freddie found himself one otherwise trying morning. Madam Hooch (aka Zoë Wanamaker) was nice to him, even offering him a (possibly magical) cup of tea. She went on to become a loyal customer and we thought we’d check back with her – not least to thank her for her support back in those early, venturesome days.

Zoë loves flowers so was actually pretty sure to look kindly on our offer. She considered Freddie’s Flowers a “charming and inspired idea” that’s “uncomplicated and affordable”. A year later and we’re very happy to hear that “flowers light up my day and a home”. It doesn’t matter too much which ones either: ‘‘90% of flowers are my favourites”.

Having a naturally lovely home to come back to is important to her: she’s a busy lady. She’s just finished a run starring in Elegy at the Donmar Warehouse, has narrated a couple of TV documentaries (Handmade: By Royal Appointment and Mr v Mrs: Call the Mediator) and has been doing work for charities, Breast Cancer Care and Child Rescue Nepal.

With hardly a pause, she’s now working on a new series for television, the intriguingly-titled Britannia. We only know the title so are guessing it’s about one of: (a) the personification of Britain (the lady with the helmet, shield and trident) (b) a lady who happens to be called Britannia, (c) the Roman province comprising modern-day Great Britain or (d) the hybrid tea rose of that name.

Whilst we’d quite like to see Zoë dressed as Britannia we’re really hoping it’s (d).

Can’t wait.

tea rose britannia
The Britannia tea rose – probably not the subject of Zoë’s latest TV show


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