Freddie’s Flower People: Samantha Bond

Star of screen and stage Samantha Bond tells us about why she loves weekly flower surprises and reveals her favourite bloom…

Freddie’s Flowers customers are all wonderful people… and here’s another one! Star of screen and stage Samantha Bond tells us about why she loves weekly flower surprises and reveals her favourite bloom…

You’d expect Samantha Bond to be garlanded with bouquets — many of her most famous characters would expect nothing less. Lady Rosamund from Downton Abbey is used to living in the grand style, whether at home in Belgrave Square or visiting the family in the country. And if James Bond didn’t bring Moneypenny a bunch of flowers on his return from each latest mission, well, then he certainly should have done.

Samantha’s had a fascinating and varied career that has taken her from playing Juliet to Kenneth Branagh’s Romeo, to the erratic Auntie Angela in Outnumbered — recently, she’s even appeared in her first stage musical, an adaptation of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

But when not on stage or on screen, Samantha Bond loves her Freddie’s Flowers deliveries. She says, As an actor, I am often spoiled with flowers, particularly when in the theatre, but the new varieties that appear every Thursday are a constant delight.’

 Home for Samantha is in south-west London. As a child, she grew up in a showbusiness family — her father an actor, her mother a producer. Her own family have continued the tradition; her husband and both her children are all in the business. Another family tradition that they’ve kept up is that of gathering for a regular Sunday lunch. And the ever-changing bouquets that arrive at the door every week help to make her new home even more naturally lovely.

‘We had just moved into our lovely new house when a flyer from Freddie’s Flowers popped through the letter box. The notion of surprise fresh flowers weekly and the ingenious concept behind the business intrigued me. I signed up immediately.’

So, which bunch would bring a smile to her face when she opens the box? My favourite flowers are probably hydrangeas, but not so practical in the house!’

Hydrangeas: classy, elegant, and constantly surprising us with their ability to change. We can’t think of a more suitable flower.


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