The Gallery – Dogs, Cabbages, and the Colours of Autumn

Time for an autumnal selection of our favourite recent photos sent in by Freddie’s Flower People (i.e. our splendid gang of customers)…

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our flowers looking lovely in your homes – that’s what they’re for, after all. Here’s a selection of some of our favourite recent photos sent in by Freddie’s Flower People (i.e. our splendid gang of customers)…

We reckon your arrangements are works of art, so they deserve their own gallery (like this and this). Please do share your pics with us by email or social media – see the bottom of the post for where – and perhaps you’ll feature in the next one!

Anyway, in this gallery are some of your gorgeous autumnal arrangements…


Fiery reds and golds and oranges

In September and October we’ve gone all out for autumnal colours, particularly with the lilies, Red Alstroemeria and Eucalyptus box, and a little before that, the one with Red Roses, Astrantia, Hypericum and Oak Quercus.

The result on our social media pages has been a veritable avalanche of reds and golds and green loveliness – including some splendid mix-and-match efforts. Here are just a few of our favourites.

From Jon Terry on Twitter:

Jon Terry on Twitter

And this, tweeted by Jackie Scheider

jackie schneider on twitter


Meanwhile, on Facebook, Tess Longley turned her red rose arrangement into a real showstopper…

tess longley facebook

…and Emily Gardner showed us how she decided to employ two vases and split her roses…

emily gardner 2

…from her oak and astrantia:

emily gardner 1


Cabbages and Roses and Pink Rossano Blooms…

But it’s not been all reds. There have been some delightfully delicate arrangements made from our Cabbages and Roses box, and also from the rather unusual Rossano Blooms, Double Lisianthus and Eucalyptus Populus one at the end of September.

Here’s the latter arranged by Biffy McNally, who shared the pic on Facebook:

pink rossano blooms by biffy on facebook

And Ceri Kennedy decided to ‘go little’ after she found hers were still going strong after two weeks:

ceri on facebook


Meanwhile, the cabbages and roses inspired some fine photography, including this tweet from Green Farmhouse B&B:

green farmhouse on twitter

and this from Chris Whiteman:

chris whiteman



And lastly, the dog days of Autumn…

picturesque pineapple on instagram

Well, how could we resist this Instagram arrangement above from @picturesquepineapple of sunflowers, cocosmia and miniature pinscher?

Or indeed, this magnificent tableau Rachel Pearson on Twitter

rachel pearson on twitter


Are you one of Freddie’s Flower People too? We want to see your arrangements! Share your own Freddie’s Flower pics with on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or drop us an email at

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