Freddie’s Festive Flower Gallery: it’s your Christmas arrangements!

You’ve been sharing your festive flower arrangements with us – here are just a few of our fave Christmassy customer pics…

You’ve been sharing your festive flower arrangements with us – here are some of our fave customer pics in a bumper Christmas edition gallery…

We reckon your arrangements are works of art, so they deserve their own gallery (like these ones). Please do share your pics with us by email or social media – see the bottom of the post for where – and perhaps you’ll feature in the next one!

White Christmassiness..

First off, some splendid efforts from people who like to get their Christmas decs up nice and early for maximum festive wallowing. Here are some fine displays of the waxflower, alstroemeria, lodge pine and lisianthus from the week of 5 December.

This is a quite exquisite in situ whites-and-lights arrangement by Zoe (aka @canalsidecalm on Instagram)…

canalside on instagram


…and we love this trad red and green and gold and white festive look from Cally (@tallgirl81 on Instagram):

tallgirl81 on insta


Iona Davis, also on Instagram, has hidden a little monster in her waxflowers:

ionadavis on twitter monster


While Emma Dew shared this arrangement on Facebook, and we we just think it has been beautifully, elegantly done:

emma dew on fb


Enter the Amaryllis…

Things really got Christmassy with the amaryllis box on the week beginning 12 December – and with any luck yours are still going strong on Christmas Day and beyond.

We were sent some fine pics from Freddie’s Flower People that prove amaryllis look great even before they’ve opened up. Like this from Niki Dobs on Instagram:

nikidobs on instagram

…and this from Issey Miyake on Facebook:

issey miyake on FB


AlisonLovesVintage on Instagram takes a rather good photo, doesn’t she?…



And we absolutely love the ingenious use of individual Amaryllis Holders for a stunning Christmas centrepiece from Lou Emma Dixon Mele (via Facebook):

Lou Emma Dixon Mele on FB


Christmas combos!

Some of you preferred your amaryllis neat, and some of you artfully combined them with the previous week’s arrangement, such as Kathey Yon Smoley (via Facebook)…

kathy yon smoley on FB

…or with the red ilex berries, eucaplyptus and gold bog myrtle we sent you in the week before Christmas. Here’s Kate on Twitter…

kate on twitter 2 weeks


This beauty is from Alison Bell on Facebook:

Alison Bell FB two arrangements


And here’s a three-box mega-combo from Lesley McBride on Twitter!

lesley mcbride on twitter 3 weeks combo


But we also just love seeing all the interesting little creative, personal. touches you use to display your flowers. This is from Michelle Horton (via Facebook):

michelle horton on fb


From Sue Simmons (Facebook):

sue simmons FB

From Jackie Schneider (Facebook):

jackie schneider on fb

From Shang Ala (Facebook):

shang ala on facebook

From Caroline Steele (Facebook):

caroline steele on fb


How about this extremely flowerful fireplace from Sharon Walker on Instagram?

sharon walker on instagram



And finally…

We just had to share this throwback to the oriental ‘Pico’ lilies waaay back at the end of November. It’s admittedly not  a Christmas picture as such, but that is an exceedingly enviable flower table owned by Theresa Robinson (via Facebook). Let’s all resolve to get ourselves a flower table in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

theresa robinson on fb LILIES


Are you one of Freddie’s Flower People too? We want to see your arrangements! Share your own Freddie’s Flower pics with on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or drop us an email at

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