The Great 2017 ‘Almost Spring’ Freddie’s Flowers Gallery!

Our latest gallery of gorgeous customer photos – it’s almost spring, folks!…

Well, you continue to blow us away with your arranging skills (and photography skills, come to that). Here’s a gallery of some of the recent photos shared with us by Freddie’s Flower People – i.e. our lovely gang of customers. It’s almost spring, folks!…

We reckon your arrangement are works of art, so they deserve their own gallery. Share your own Freddie’s Flower pics with on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or drop us an email at – and perhaps you’ll feature in the next one!


Hyacinth, tulip, iris and silver jubilee foliage

This was a ‘short’ arrangement so we recommended using a vase around half to three-quarters the size of the hyacinths – but your photos prove that it looks terrific in all sorts of different vessels.

This from Becky Naylor (via Twitter) is textbook stuff:

becky naylor twitter2


And this is a very crafty use of a clear square vase by Pandora Maxwell (via Instagram):

pandora max instagram


A very tasty one from Tina Koniotes (Instagram):

cake time hyacinths iris tulips


Megan Carver (via Twitter) has ingeniously and glamorously deployed a champagne bucket (a Hyacinth Bucket, perhaps?) in this stunner:

megan carver twitter hyacinths with champagne bucket


And we fully approve this message from Facebooker Patty Pulliam Terry:

Patty Pulliam Terry on FB hyacinths


Forsythia, rose ‘Good times’, alstroemeria, waxflower and LA lily

This January arrangement proved that winter needn’t mean dark colours. Check out these dazzling yellows from Zoe (via Instagram)…


zoe canalside calm yellow roses

…from Mary Martin on Facebook…


mary martin FB


…and this reflected glory from the lovely blogger and Instagrammer Three Boys and a Home

three boys and a home insta yellow roses


Eryngium, lisianthus, alstroemeria, eucalyptus and greenbell

This complex, cosmic arrangement inspired some true artworks, each quite unique. This from Lolly Meredith on Instagram:

lolly meredith instagram lisianthus

From Phoebe Janeh (Instagram)…

phoebe janeh instagram

How about this very cool abstract from Jerry on Instagram:

jerry hib insta


And a bit of brilliance here from Linda Dacoma (Instagram), making hers last and splitting into a pair of vases…

linda dacomi instagram lisianthus two vases


Freesia, genista ‘broom’, ruscus, trachelium and alstroemeria ‘pink floyd’

What a gorgeous photo this is by Carole-Ann Clark on Facebook:

carole-ann clark FB freesia genista


Laura Kateelvis on Instagram shows us how to set a perfect dinner table:

laura kateelvis insta genista


Snapdragons, LA lilies, linoleum and eucalyptus

Elisabeth Hogarth on Facebook told us that these are were her favourite arrangement so far. Love the way she’s displayed these!

elisabeth hogarth FB snapdragons

Some expert mult-box combining skills here – Anette Stevens (via Facebook) has added her pussywillow from the previous week to the snapdragon arrangement…

Anette Stevens FB snapdragons added pussywillow

And from Fiona Lawrence (Facebook):

fiona lawrence


And finally…

How about this shot of the tulips, lilies and solidago arrangment from the middle of January by Belen (via Instagram)? Can anyone spot the dinosaurs?

b_demalo insta tulips solidago



If you’re one of Freddie’s Flower People, please do share your pics with us – we love to see them.

Or if you’d like to join us, just sign up for lovely flower deliveries at £24 a pop here!

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