Flower of the week, stocks

flower box deliver of stocks, roses and iris

This week our flower box delivery features a gorgeous flower with a very big nose. They smell absolutely wonderful!

Stocks, or, Matthiola incana for the Latin fans are commonly and rather charmingly known as night-scented stock or evening-scented stock. This immediately transports me to sitting in the garden with a G&T on a balmy summer evening. Delightful!

flower box deliver of stocks, roses and iris
Beautiful fresh stocks, with roses and irises, delivered by Freddie’s Flowers

Their scent is a little spicy – like cinnamon or cloves, which presents an interesting evocative paradox – cinnamon and clove is an inherently wintery scent, whilst stocks are visually incredibly light and spring-summery. Ah, nature! Fascinating and joyfully surprising us at every turn.

We deliver our stocks out of water, so they can look very slightly limpy on arrival, but pop them in water to refresh them and they’ll be popping with vibrancy and vigour in no time.

This week we’re mixing our stocks with some gorgeous avalanche roses. Fresh cut roses are seemingly omnipotent, but there is huge disparity in quality and variety out there. We only buy really fantastic quality fresh flowers, for a number of reasons. Firstly, they look better so are more beautiful. The heads are fuller and the quality of the petals is superior. Feel a cheap rose and the petals can seem a little papery.

In a nutshell, roses don’t lie – to the astute observer, an expensive rose is a very good looking rose. We also choose great quality roses because after they’ve been delivered to you, they’ll last a long time. Which means you have the pleasure of admiring your flowers for longer.

Roses delivered by Freddie's Flowers
Roses from a Freddie’s Flowers box

In fact, if you refresh your roses every three days, by re-trimming them and changing the water – they’ll last for weeks. Another tip for helping your flowers last a long time is to keep them out of direct sunlight, and away from draughts and radiators.

In the flower box this week we also have some beautifully fresh irises. Their regal purple hue pops against the stocks and roses, giving this design a little edge. There’s so much to say about irises, including Claude Monet’s penchant for painting them. And the rest we’ll leave for another time.

If you have any questions about this week’s bunch, do get in touch! And if you’d like to share photos of your Freddie’s Flowers, please pop them up on facebook or instagram and tag @freddiesflowers and #freddiesflowers – or just send us an old fashioned email!

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