Flower of the week, stocks and bouvardia

A flower box of stocks, bouvardia, silver sussex and panicum grass

Fresh flowers in Spring are such a joy! You may have noticed that this Spring we’ve had a colour theme in in our flower boxes.

A perfect array of pinks, dashes of lilac and purple, swathes of white, cream and green, and accents of yellows have graced your flower deliveries.  If you can’t embrace these colours in spring, when can you?

I’m continually inspired by the flowerful beauty of the seasons and this Spring has been rather naturally lovely.

This week’s fresh flowers

In our flower box deliveries at the moment, we have a glorious bunch of fresh flowers that’s packed full stocks, bouvardia, silver sussex and panicum grass. This floral delight is a splendidly stunning example of our current pink and purple palette. (If you’re looking at your box at you’re seeing alliums and lisianthus, read this blog instead.)

Freddie's flower box full of stocks and bouvardia
Freddie’s flower box full of stocks and bouvardia


Freddie’s Flowers in your home

This arrangement will look fantastic in front of grey, white, cream and green though I design our flower boxes so they suit most home interiors.

One styling tip is to try and place your cut flowers where they’ll catch the light in an interesting way, or where the surrounding interior design or furniture complements them without overshadowing them. I specifically choose strappingly tall stems and full arrangements (almost all of the time – some seasonal cut flowers like tulips, hyacinths and peonies, turn my head – as is their wont!) so your fresh flowers should stand out in any pretty much any setting.

This box of freshly cut stocks and bouvardia is full to bursting and as busy as a spring bee – with lots of gorgeous textural accents – so when you’re deciding where to set the arrangement in your home, let it shine in a spot where there aren’t too many distractions.

Say bonjour to bouvardia

Pink bouvardia from Freddie's Flower box
Pink bouvardia from Freddie’s Flower box

Bouvardia, named after Louis XIII’s physician Charles Bouvard are Mexican in origin and are a fascinating shape. They’re almost square, which seems an odd shape for nature, so they’re unique and attention grabbing for this reason.  They symbolise enthusiasm, which is fitting. I find them incredibly uplifting, as I hope you do too!


Heavenly scented stocks

Stocks, or Matthiola incana for the Romans amongst us, are very charmingly known as night-scented stocks or evening-scented stocks. The clue is in the name – these flowers will make your home smell absolutely delightful. And with the reasonably unseasonable grey and chilly weather some of us are experiencing this May, the scent and delicate vista this arrangement brings, will no doubt provide a little lift to the old spirits!

Fresh flowers - stocks
An artist’s palette of stocks


Swish a wave at panicum grass

I’ve finished this flower arrangement with one of my favourite foliages, panicum grass. Also known as Old switch panic grass, which is so deep south you can almost hear the banjos, it has the most amazing texture.  I love the detail it brings – and the green spray of the spikelets looks fantastic when the afternoon sun catches it. Makes for a lovely photograph – so do please take a photo of yours and send it in!

Panicum grass in Freddie's Flower box
Panicum grass in Freddie’s Flower box


Follow me to see some flowering silver sussex

To complement the flowers and panicum grass in this arrangement, I’ve added some gorgeous silver sussex from my friend James. At this time of year it’s flowering, which gives it a different quality as tiny little flowers are maroon in colour. This lends the whole design an added depth. The silver sussex may be a little shorter than the other stems, and you can use this to create a tiered or layered affect when you’re styling it. For more arranging tips, do watch this video.

Flowering silver sussex
Flowering silver sussex


The art of correctly conditioning your fresh flowers

If you stocks arrive looking a little thirsty and droopy, please don’t worry. Our flowers are remarkably fresh and we deliver them ‘dry’ which means, as you may have guessed, not on water. We can do this because they’ve been harvested so recently. They may be a little thirsty after their journey to your doorstep, but a drink will cheer them up. Trim the stems on an angle (creating the largest surface area possible) and pop them in a vase with fresh, room temperature water and Freddie’s Flower Food and they’ll revive in no time.


Lights, camera, flowers!

I love seeing photos of your Freddie’s flowers in your home. We even have a hashtag #freddiesinmyhome so snap away and do share it on your social media channel of choice! You can see our early spring customer photo gallery here.

If you have any questions about this week’s bunch, do get in touch! And if you’d like to share photos of your Freddie’s Flowers, please pop them up on facebook or instagram and tag @freddiesflowers and #freddiesflowers – or just send us an old fashioned email!

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