Flower of the week, the Roselily

Roselily from Freddie's flowers

Cat friendly lilies

The Roselily, the new revolutionary way to have lilies in your home without throwing away your clothes every time you lean over to pick up the house phone or resuscitate your cat if it decides that lilies look like catnip. Not only are they pollen free but the Roselily is three lilies in one. That’s buy one and get two for free!

Believe it or not but this uniquely beautiful bloom was actually created by accident! By accident but a really great accident! Originating in Holland in the mid-1990s, there was a mutation that occurred during the pollination process that created more lily petals. This all sounds rather Little Shop of Horrors but the accidental mutation meant that the clever flower breeders were able to save the new flower formula and the beautiful double and triple petals could continue to be bred. Leaving us with the rather wonderful Roselily.

Freddie's flowers delivers straight to your door
Straight to your door @masonmoore

Whats in the box?

This week we are putting the infamous Roselily in our box and just wait until you actually see them. At first you think they are normal lilies. You might not even notice any difference at all… But then the magic begins. They start to open and they just keep on opening. Layers of petals unfold and BOOM you’ve got yourself a Roselily taking up all the limelight in the petal performance.

Roselily, lilies, roses
Freddie arranging to perfection


Lilies named after roses

How they got their name – Although the flower breeders accidentally creating these flowers were no doubt pretty damn clever they weren’t the most creative in naming them. Having more petals like a rose but belonging to the lily family they thought long and hard and came up with… Roselily. Both names are great, and push them together to make one super great name.

Freddie's Flowers roselily arrangement
The Roselily arrangement photograph taken by @julieelagrace


Roselilies first time feature

This is the first time Freddie’s Flowers has put Roselilies in their boxes and needless to say we are pretty excited about it. It’s only fitting to surround the Roselily with roses and lilies, so that’s exactly what we’ve done to make this unique flower feel at home with its two best friends. And added some solidago for a little extra sunshine!

Freddie's Flowers roselily
The Roselily in all it’s glory


Freddie’s Flowerful Tips

They may look like the soldiers of the flower world but with this amazing hot weather we are having flowers need to have a bit more extra TLC in order for them to last as long as poss. So in order for your roselilies, lilies and roses to live out a long and healthy life here are a few tips for you.

  • Cut the stems at the end a good inch
  • Make sure the vase is nice and clean
  • Fill the vase with cool water – run the tap for a bit longer than usual before filling up the vase
  • Add flower water at the beginning but when you change the water (and at the risk of sounding like Mary Poppins) add a spoonful of sugar to the new water
  • Make sure no leaves are in the vase water – big no no when it comes to lilies/roselilies
  • And if it’s really hot, even put the flowers in the fridge or the coldest part of your home at night

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