Flower of the week, Sarah Bernhardt peonies

Pink peonies at Freddie's Flowers

Thanks to my flowerful idea to send flower lovers regular flower deliveries, the concept of flowers by post is no stranger to the average Brit. I wonder, however, if the well renowned 19th century French actress, Sarah Bernhardt, would have lapped up the idea?

Sarah Bernhardt
Photo Credit, Félix Nadar, 1859

With an entourage of both secret and not so secret admirers kitting out her dressing room with many a bouquet (inspirational French writer, Victor Hugo, allegedly being one), I’m sure she was familiar with the beautiful and bountiful peony. ‘Peony? But of course! It’s unofficially the nation’s favourite flower!’ Well, unofficially the French nation’s favourite eccentric, it’s a no-brainer that our flower of the week is the ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ Peony.


A double life, a double peony

A lady of charisma and very aware of it, Sarah’s memoir ‘My Double Life’ rings pleasantly with the double flower that this peony reveals in its layer upon layer of delicately ruffled petals.

Pink peonies at Freddie's Flowers
Pink peonies


Dear Sarah was infamous for her self-mythologising obsession with all things deathly. Such an interest can be seen in her insistence to sleep in her very own coffin whilst still alive and kicking. Our peonies, however, celebrate life over death, only giving off the dormant appearance before they burst into lights, camera, action to bring a sweet sweet scent of Summer into your home.

A standing ovation to the power-house Parisian inspired peony, please!


Phlox and Phlox of ‘em!

Freshly cut Phlox, at Freddie's Flowers
Lots of phlox

Yes, Phlox have made a (crucial) appearance in our Freddie’s boxes this week and with good reason, I think! The aroma just says ‘sunshine’ – it’s the flower that collaborates Spring with Summer in sensory perfection. They’re also a many-headed wonder whose name originates from the Latin term for ‘flame’ and, with the red-hot weather we’re having, it’s only right that our flower choice reflects that.


Wander through the thickets of Thlaspi

Thlaspi, more colloquially known as Greenbell, is the provider of the slightly unruly and timelessly vintage feel to the arrangement this week. I chose Greenbell to transport you out into your favourite green space to partake in all the activities that this time of year allows us to revel in – picnics, dog walks and maybe a cheeky pre-corked bottle of rosé; to keep us cool, of course.

I can’t help but look at this week’s arrangement and see field upon field of long grassy wild meadows swaying in the light summery breeze. I hope this bunch keeps the rain clouds away, don’t you?


flowers by post
Peonies, snapdragons, thlaspi and phlox

So, in order to bring the countryside to your home, separate the delicate offshoots of Thlaspi and thread them gently through the stems of the rest of the arrangement – this will create that wild haziness to the bunch. Then, sit back, enjoy this week’s flower delivery and, if luck and good fortune is with you, I hope you find a flowery field of your own to take refuge in, whether it be in your back garden or a retreat to the country.


Hello to the haughty, heighty and mighty Snapdragons

Coined with such a name as ‘Snapdragons’ thanks to the motion of squeezing the ‘flowers mouth’ sideways, these horticultural giants invite a mythical aspect. The longer they last, the higher the flowers climb the gigantic stem, making Snapdragons a towering asset that are designed to stick around as long as their flame-throwing, man-eating dragon mates have stayed in our story books.

Flowers by post

Whilst you’re imagining yourself amongst the meadow with this week’s arrangement of Phlox, Greenbell, Peonies and Snapdragons, don’t forget to give the snaps a pinch to hear the dragons roar and bring the childish wonders indoors too!


How to help your flowers handle the ‘heat of the Summer sunshine’

Keep cool and stick to the rules:

  1. Snip the stems at an angle to maximise surface area
  2. No direct sunlight – flowers are fair skinned and don’t tan well
  3. Change/fill the water every 2 days to keep the flowerful thirst quenches at bay
  4. If you’re in a rush and you don’t have time to arrange them as you normally would, get them out the box, snip them, feed them and come back to beautify them when you have the time.


Flowers by Post

If you’re already a loyal lover of Freddie’s Flowers, post a cracking piccy of your most recent floral achievement on Instagram to show us how you like to do arrange your Freddie’s Flowers! Do you side with caution by following my suggestions or do you let your creative spark shine?

Sarah Bernhardt
Photo Credit, Félix Nadar, 1859

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