Freddie catches Wimbledon fever!

What happens when a London flower delivery service catches Wimbledon fever?

It’s the beginning of July and we all know what that means! Wimbledon is upon us. Pimms is permanently in the left hand of every British man and woman. Living rooms across the nation all have Sue Barker over for tea. And we’re no exception here at Freddie’s. We too have the Wimbledon bug and it is evident in our knock out arrangement this week.

Freddie's flowers weekly arrangement
The Freddie’s Flowers Wimbledon arrangement


What’s in the (serving) box?

Move over Andy Murray, there’s a new star in town and it comes in a box with Freddie’s Flowers written on the top. In our Wimbledon arrangement we have: Purple Agassi alstroemeria, blue Sampras static, white Perry Phox, Lleyton lisianthus and panicum Graff grass…

Put them together and you have one smashing arrangement. Have you noticed the colours of the flowers in this arrangement are the Wimbledon colours? We thought it would be nice for anyone who has these flowers to feel like they have a bit of Wimbledon in their homes. Apart from Sue constantly being in everyone’s living room.

As Fred Perry once said ‘’Wimbledon has been a leader in bringing about change and improvement in the sport’’. Well we would like to think that Fred would agree that we are doing the same with the London flower delivery service.


Why did Wimbledon choose its colours

The present colours, dark green and purple were introduced in 1909 following the discovery that the previous Club colours of blue, yellow, red and green were almost identical to those of the Royal Marines. There is no explanation of the green and purple for Wimbledon but we suspect the green is the grass and the purple may be for the tournament’s long association with British royalty. Interestingly you might realise that the same colours are also the colours of the suffragette movement which were chosen as green, white and violet – GWV as an acronym for “Give Women Votes”. Interesting huh?

google image of wimbledon in 1937
An image from when Wimbledon was first televised in 1937

History of Wimbledon

  • The Championships started on 9 July 1877 and the Gentlemen’s Singles was the only event held.
  • Luckily they saw sense and in 1884 and the club added Ladies’ Singles as an event.
  • Until 1922, the reigning champion had to play only in the final, against whomever had won through to challenge him/her. 
  • In 1908 the tennis for the Olympics was held at Wimbledon
  • 1926: The King plays at Wimbledon
  • 1936: Fred Perry’s third title – The last time a Brit won The Championship until Andy Murray in 2013
  • 1937: The first television coverage
  • During the war in 1940 Centre Court was bombed during the blitz
  • 1977: Brit Virginia Wade wins the Ladies’ Singles
  • 1995: Tim Henman is disqualified after the ball girl incident
  • 1996 Sir Cliff Richard entertains the crowd when play has been put on hold by singing
  • 2012: The Olympics return to Wimbledon and Andy Murray wins a gold medal
  • 2013: Andy Murray does it! He wins Wimbledon – The first Brit since Fred Perry won in 1936
  • 2016: Andy does it again!


Tennis in an English garden

The Wimbledon gardeners put a hell of a lot of effort into keeping Wimbledon the most well kept and beautiful tennis grand slam in the world. The outstanding hydrangeas and hanging baskets and of course the creeper is the most iconic especially on the front of centre court building. Its beautiful and it’s green. And we like green! There are six full-time gardeners, with six more seasonally, looking after the famous Wimbledon ivy and hydrangeas. It takes a lot of man (and woman) power for Wimbledon to look as good as it does and I take my hat off to them.


Wimbledon image of foxgloves and sign
Do not sit on the plants photo @wimbledon


A little Brit special

This week I pootled down to Wimbledon with my tennis whites to arrange my Wimbledon themed bunch to the lovely people in the queue. What could be more British than arranging flowers in a queue? Answer – unless someone in the queue is also eating a marmite crumpet then there is nothing more British. It was just a bit of fun to show the queue-goers what my London flower delivery service was all about and after a few concerned stares the crowd went wild. Well… they smiled. 


Keeping your fresh flowers looking champion

  • Firstly remove any lisianthus  and alstroemeria leaves that might have contact with the vase water
  • Cut the stems on an angle and put into clean water
  • Add flower food – 1 sachet per litre
  • Change the water every two days
  • They will last longer in cool conditions, so keep out of direct heat and sunlight
  • Our flowers are so incredibly fresh that some of the are still closed when they arrive. This is unusual but it means you have the joy of watching then unfurl over the next few days
  • If any of your flowers arrive looking a bit droopy, don’t worry. Put them in water straight away and they’ll soon perk up


Freddie showing his delivery service in london
Freddie wowing the crowd goers at Wimbledon
Sue Barker the nations favourite
Sue Barker – The nation’s favourite
Murray winning the title
Murray winning the title in 2013

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