Photo gallery: A June-full bunch of flower arranging

Peonies, stocks and thlaspi

There’s something special about Freddie’s Flowers customers – they are great at flower arranging. And they have impeccable taste in flowers, might I add!

Here’s a gallery of some of the recent photos shared with us by Freddie’s Flower People – i.e. our lovely gang of customers. It was a month of peonies and roselilies. And what a tasteful June it was. Hats off to you!

We reckon your arrangement are works of art, so they deserve their own gallery. Share your own Freddie’s Flower pics with on FacebookTwitter or Instagram, or drop us an email at – and perhaps you’ll feature in the next one!

Freddie's flowers in a bike
A beautiful looking bike by @tinegreenlondon


An unusual vase!
An unusual vase! By @lucyheaps


Flower garden by @dianasalamat
Flower garden by @dianasalamat


Peonies delivered by Freddie's Flowers
Peonies by @jannelford


Stocks and peonies by @jannelford
Stocks and peonies by @jannelford


The magnificent roselily was a bit of a hit

lilies delivered by Freddie's Flowers

A splendid collection of lilies by @mccormickcharlie


Roselilies delivered by Freddie's Flowers
The show stopping roseliliy by @julieelagrace


More peonies, anyone? More flower arranging?

Peonies, stocks and thlaspi
Peonies, stocks and thlaspi by @quiltwhileyourahead


A pot of peonies
A punchy pot of peonies by @sf_floral


A flowerful shelfie by @theycallitthediamondblog
A flowerful shelfie by @theycallitthediamondblog


More peonies!
More peonies! (and a pinecone) By @bricksandstitches

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