An Ode to All Lizzies

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Who loves flower arranging? I do obviously and I reckon there’s a Lizzie in all our lives who does too; a mother, a sibling, a friend. I definitely know a couple.

If you can’t think of one, you’ll have a certain Lizzie making an appearance on your doorstep soon.

Yes, you guessed it, we’re in Lizzie heaven here at Freddie’s Flowers because Lisianthus are in season.

So, I thought that it’s only good and right to dedicate some time to everything Lizzie.


‘The name’s Lizzie, Lisianthus’

Freddie's flowers Lisianthus
The Lizzies in question

Well, that’s not strictly true now is it, Lizzie? Lisianthus isn’t actually the original name of our flower of the week. Our lovely lady in question used to be called Eustoma.

Etymologically speaking Eustoma is a winning name. ‘Eu-’ meaning ‘beautiful’ and ‘-stoma’ being Greek for ‘mouth’ describes the eye-catching flower very aptly.

Originally Eustoma grew in the warmer regions of America, such as Texas and New Mexico. Then came cultivation and a consequential ‘beautifying’ name-change because ‘Eustoma’ doesn’t roll off the tongue like ‘Lisianthus’.

However, ‘Lisianthus’ is Greek for dissolution flower which, I think we can all agree, isn’t quite as complementary in its connotations as ‘Eustoma’ is.


Wild Eustoma in Southern Texas
Wild and wonderful Eustoma growing in Southern Texas. Image credit


The lowdown on the Lizzies’


Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017
One coordinated Queen! Image credit

There’s no way one can talk about all things Lizzie and not start with the leading Lizzie herself; Queen Elizabeth II. Still going strong after 65 years on the throne, she’s one to admire.

Lizzie II is undeniably a keen fan of the Chelsea Flower Show, making an appearance almost every year. Rumour has it she rekindled her love of gardening at the spritely age of 91, all thanks to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show! That’s our kind of queen.


Lizzie Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Wedding scene in BBC production of Pride and Prejudice
That magical moment, flowers in hand. Image credit

We all know that Jane Austen wasn’t one for conventional protagonists. Which is exactly why we love Lizzie Bennet. Especially in the BBC Pride and Prejudice. What’s more is that she comes skipping into view for the first time clutching freshly picked wild flowers. Yay Lizzie!


Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Too dame right she’s on the list!

This lovely Lizzie resembles our flower of the week in both name and nature! Fans often wondered whether Elizabeth’s eyes were blue or violet (like our lisianthus). Liz Taylor was also born with distichiasis (a mutation that resulted in double rows of eyelashes) –  just like our double petaled lisianthius!


Headshot of Dame Elizabeth Taylor
Look at those eyes! Image credit

Flower Arranging

I love flower arranging when Lizzie’s involved. She’s gloriously versatile and durable. Make sure not to confuse her and her double flower look with Rose or Peony.

Let your Lizzies, gladioli and ornithogalum lift your living room to new heights; you’re in for a toweringly tall arrangement!

Here’s my video to help you arrange this bunch:

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