Flower of the week: Agapanthus

Freddie's Flowers agapanthus delivered to your door

Love is all around with aga-paga-pom-pom-panthus!

Fancy a big, bold and bouncing dose of love with your home delivery flowers this week? Thought so. That’s why we’re bringing the love-flower to your door!

Durable and pretty easy to grow, agapanthus are a firm favourite of many. I like to think that it’s because agapanthus translates as ‘love-flower’. Which is funny, because I’m a flower-lover!

Speaking of love, world renowned artist, Claude Monet, the man himself, was a great admirer of these gorgeous flowers!

Claude Monet's Water Lilies Collection
World renowned for a reason, don’t you think? Image Credit


Monet imported lots of exotic plants such as agapanthus, native to Africa hence the common name ‘African Lily’, to sway on the banks of the pond.

Claude Monet's Agapanthus
Monet’s Aggies getting caught in the breeze. Image Credit

Aggies are such a common sight in Europe now this seems strange but did you know that Monet’s neighbours were sceptical about Monet purchasing the land? They worried that Monet’s plants would poison the water!

A rational concern from his neighbours – luckily the water was fine and we’ve got some lovely paintings to look at.

As well as love, I see the word ‘agape’ in agapanthus. Maybe it’s because it describes my facial expression when I see these lovely flowers in full bloom. Once each flower has opened wide, they join forces to make what looks just like a giant purple (or pink or white) pom-pom.

Purple pom poms look like our Freddie's Flowers agapanthus
See? Three cheers for the aga-pom-pom-panthus! Image Credit

Let it take you back to the good old days of when making pom-poms at school was considered work! 


Firing it up with Phlox

Freshly cut Phlox, at Freddie's Flowers
Fistfuls of phlox

Other than looking jaw droppingly gorgeous, agapanthus are all about love. So we reckon phlox will ignite the love of the agapanthus in this arrangement. Phlox translates as ‘flame’ and we all know that love is a fiery emotion. So let the magic happen by bringing these two floral beauties together in perfect harmony.



I’m sure you’re no stranger to solidago. It’s cropped up in our boxes a few times before. Also known as goldenrod, this solidago brings brightness and texture to complement the phlox.

Solidago golden rod
Botanical drawing of solidago golden rod

And solidago is part of the Aster family! So this little guy and the mini-daisy looking flowers in your box are flowerful cousins. Makes sense when you look a little closer … closer … see the teeny tiny solidago flowers? They’re like the yellow centre of the aster flowers aren’t they?


‘We are family, I got Asters with me!’

So, we know that aster and solidago are related. Splendid.

In keeping with the buckets of love brimming from this arrangement, it makes sense that aster is symbolic of deep love and affection. Love is in the air, and in the flowers.

Freddie's Flowers Asters
Clusters of little aster flowers

But that’s not the only connection worth talking about. Dolly Parton even sings about one of our home delivery flowers! Have a little listen out for our lovely aster making a star appearance in Dolly’s Early Morning Breeze.


Home Delivery Flowers

Careful construction is the key to a spectacular arrangement with this one! First make a triangular nest with the aster stems.

Freddie's Flowers Triangle shape in the vase
Begin with the triangle

Double it by making another triangle with the fluffy solidago. Then, slot the phlox into the grid that the solidago and aster have provided you with. Finish it all off by dotting the aggies in a circle around the edge of the vase. 

Freddie's Flowers arrangement
End with this beauty!

And there you have it; a heart warming arrangement to put a smile on anyone’s face! But don’t forget to give the ends a snip and feed the flowers too.


Do you fancy filling your home with flowers that look as good Dolly Parton sounds? Give us a go for only £24 a pop!


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