What flowers feed you and what to feed flowers

Handmade Charlotte's petal ice cream bowls

There’s an abundance of rumours on what to feed flowers. Vodka? Lemonade? Bleach?? But what about feeding flower lovers?

Something flower flavoured, surely. Or maybe a little flower shaped delight, so beautiful it’s almost too pretty to eat!?

Let’s compromise. How about a little bit of both, with a sprinkling of what to feed cut flowers to top it all off? Perfect.

Here’s the low-down on all things flowerful and 100% tasty.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

The weather may not be hot hot hot but that’s never got in the way of me and my ice cream fix. We’re all familiar with floral notes in wine but there are definitely floral notes elsewhere!

So let’s look into what frosty bowls, infused with delicate floral flavours, we can get our mitts on come rain or shine.

1 ) Orange blossom, honey and pistachio

First up and a true favourite of mine, we have Sabrina Gayhour. Author of both Persiana and Sirocco, Sabrina is a force to be reckoned with. Her cookbooks sell like hot cakes and for good reason. Sabrina brings us Middle-Eastern food in an unconventional way. 

Sabrina Ghayour's orange blossom, pistachio and honey ice cream

She’s clearly not shy of a floral twist or two in this lip-smackingly good looking ice cream recipe!

2 ) Violet

Parma violets?? Nope. You read correctly. Violet ice cream made from violet jam is next on the list.

Loleta's violet flower ice cream

This recipe takes us to Loleta in Spain. Are the Spanish bolder than the rest of us when it comes to floral experimentation? When it comes to violet ice cream, I think so!

Delicate flavouring is key here. No one wants to think of grandmothers’ washing mouths out with soap when they tuck in! Don’t be too heavy handed on the jam and you’ll be fine.

3 ) Honeysuckle

Freshly picked honeysuckle for the Lucky Peach ice cream

Buckle up, honeysuckle, summer here we come! It’s the countryside sign that summer is on it’s way. I was always desperate for more of that miniscule and momentary taste of honeysuckle when I plucked these delicate flowers off the bushes. 

Honeysuckle ice cream

Now, thanks to Lucky Peach’s recipe, you and I can both indulge in that sweet nectary flavour by the spoonful. Thanks, Lucky Peach!


Flower or food? Or flower food?

Move over, cone. Move over, cup. Portions by the petal coming through!

Handmade Charlotte's petal perfect bowls

Deviating slightly from ice cream flavours but a vessel is vital when it comes to ice cream. What’s the perfect accompaniment to flower flavoured ice cream? An edible bowl that looks like the petals of one of the gorgeous blossoming peonies we put in our Freddie’s boxes back in June, of course!

Forget licking the plate clean, I like eating the bowl whole! Here‘s how Handmade Charlotte does it.


Petal me pink

Still in keeping with the ice cream vibe we have Amorino. Dotted all over London, Amorino serve up some floral playfulness alongside the undeniable joy of eating ice cream – whatever the weather.

Amorino ice cream
Image Credit

Here you’ll find you regular favourite flavours (choccy, caramel, strawberry etc.) presented in an ice cream rose cone. Choose as many flavours as you like. I’ll take the lot, please.


Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my Daisies!

Okay okay I know you can’t call lumps of sugar food regardless of how pretty they are but here I go anyway. These little lovelies are too sweet (excuse the pun) to cross off the list. They’d look gloriously cute sprinkled on top of a bowl of ice cream – maybe amongst some pretty edible flowers. Explore your sweet tooth here with Sweet Explorations

Sweet Explorations' daisy sugars

Sugar shouldn’t look so tempting.

If none of this is your cup of tea then why not have a cup of tea?


What to feed flowers

At Freddie’s we stick to our trusty Freddie’s Flower food as we know that that certainly does the trick. If you’re ever running low on sachets, give us a call and we’ll send you some!

Here's how to feed flowers - a vase full of Freddie's Flower food.

But if you’re short of our sugary solution and need a quick fix, I’d head to the liquor cupboard and grab the vodka. Sounds bizarre, I know.

Flowers fall victim to naturally occurring bacteria when in water (think about that scum that forms on the bottom of the vase after a couple of days).  

That’s why vodka is the answer – it kills the bacteria with real force so there’s no coming back! Try 1 teaspoon per litre and change the water every couple of days!


Now you know what to feed flowers but do you need help arranging them?

Want fresher than fresh flowers delivered to your door with hints and tips on what to feed flowers from a green fingered guy like me? Give us a go for only £24 a pop!


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