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Photo gallery – July’s English Summer arrangements!

Nothing makes us happier than when we see photographs of our flowers in their new home. Thank you to our lovely gang of customers who have sent in and posted photographs. July was a very sunny month with our sunflower, Wimbledon* and gladioli** arrangements and not forgetting the fab roselily makes its first cameo appearance!

So here is a little gallery of a few of the photos you lovely people sent in. We wish we could put them all up!

We reckon your arrangement are works of art, so they deserve their own gallery. Share your own Freddie’s Flower pics with on FacebookTwitter or Instagram, or drop us an email at freddie@freddiesflowers.com – and perhaps you’ll feature in the next one!


Freddie's Flowers Wimbledon arrangement

The perfect summer @kategowling


A display of gladioli and peonies with some candles

Feeling homely @nicolarichmondfood


Freddie's Flowers sunflowers in the box

Box ready @sophiapot


Lisianthus, alstroemeria, fountain grass arrangement

The Wimbledon arrangement @mr5field


A detail of a roselily

The fab roselily @nataliet77


A colourful arrangement of gladioli by Freddie's Flowers

A riot of colour in the gladioli arrangement @sarahHighfield


The sunflowers arrangement by Freddie's Flowers

Brightening up the room @rachelj_hearts


The wonderful roselily, roses, lily and solidago arrangement

The wonderful roselily, roses, lily and solidago @chrissyshorter

The freddies flowers bike with sunflowers

The Freddie’s Flowers bike with some sunny sunflowers @gallopinggardener

Lone ornithogalum's in a kitchen

When flowers last longer than others. Orinthogalum ‘s @olivedragonflybex

Photo of a french bull dog smiling next to flowers by Freddie

Indoor sunshine @mynameisboo


A customer photo of the sunflower arrangement

Sunflowers by @bumbleboxukhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU3I9BLMhfc



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