All the ways to always arrange flowers well

Freddie lines up flowers to show you how to arrange them

Thanks to having a wonderful mum who was a florist for 30 years, I was lucky enough to learn how to arrange flowers at a young age. And with Garland for a surname I can’t help but conclude that flowers were my calling. To put it simply, I love flowers.

Freddie and his flowers

So, what’s so great about flower arranging? It’s a creative outlet. Good for the house, good for the soul and good for the mind. And, given the right hints and tips, I hope you can take real enjoyment out of the activity too.

Whether you’re a Freddie’s customer or not, here’s the lowdown on how to arrange to flowers better than my mum can (shhhh)!

Scissors, seceteres, secetaires, secateurs, who cares?

Who cares? Your flowers do! Let’s start at the very beginning. Trimming you flowers is mighty important.

Trimming lisianthus

You need a good sharp cut at a good sharp angle – this provides the stems with a larger surface area to drink from. Just like us; open wide and we’ll drink more! 


Feeling not hot hot

Not too hot, not too cold – when it comes to the water, we want it to be just right. Room temperature is what your flowers are thirsty for. Unless it’s a heat wave – then different rules apply. (Heatwave rule: use cold water and put your flowers in the fridge or coldest part of the house at night time.)

flower food

And a sachet of sweet sweet Freddie’s Flowerful Food that I include in your flower delivery. Need more? Give us a call or drop us a line and we can send you some extras.

But come rain or shine your flowers need refreshing every few days to keep them flourishing for longer. Every time you change the water, re-trim the stems and add flower food to the water.


The vase debate

The rumours are true, a good arrangement can be all about the vase so don’t let poor choice scupper your floral perfection. The more options the better.  

Help on how to arrange flowers with a vase

No idea what to ask for your birthday? Now you do! And keep them coming so you can never blame your tools.


The tried and tested tips on how to arrange flowers:


The Triangle

Pythagorus know a thing or two. Stable, reliable and very straight-forward. This is the basis for pretty much every Freddie’s flower arrangement.

The Triangle

Pop three stems into the vase so that they cross appropriately to make a triangle. For some arrangements you may follow this triangle with a second triangle – that sits in the gaps – of different stems.


The Teepee

Have a traditional teepee tent shape in mind; what you want is to flip it upside down so the short tips are in the vase and the flowers consequently span outwards.


Take the woodiest/heaviest stems and make a triangle. Slot in, at an angle or upright, other stems (flowers or foliage alike) until all the stems create a teepee shape – make sure they are all evenly spaced as they rest on the top of the vase, or each other.

This provides a sturdy structural grid for the rest of your flower arranging. You can prop up other stems in at varying angles.


The Swirl

This one’s all about taking your flowers for a spin – the more stems, the better the effect.

The classic Freddie's Flowers swirl with gladioli stems

Hold the stems together like a bouquet. Once you put the stems in the vase and they touch the bottom of the vase, let go! You’ll see the stems fall naturally into a lovely swirl; feel free to move them around slightly (there’s nothing wrong with a little touch up if the execution wasn’t tip top).

Amarylis swirling

Best flora for putting your swirl tactic into motion? A single flower variety like irises, tulips, amaryllis – keeps them looking uniform.


Flower arranging meets fashion

My mum taught me a great little trick to dazzle any flower loving friend: layering!

Layer upon layer creates interest and a stylized look. Whether it’s a quadruple tiered cake, a lasagne or a new hair cut, depth is what we’re going for here.

Layering flowers in flowers arranging

By layering your cut flowers, you’re allowing each aspect of the arrangement to take its own bit of the limelight. What’s more? It’s really quite charming.


Time and practice: zen and the art of learning how to arrange flowers

Flowerful meditation

All good things take time so don’t worry if you can’t quite get to grips with how to arrange flowers from the offset. Each week I post a video of how to get the best out of your flowers. Take a little look at our YouTube channel, Instagram or your online account to be shown the way.


Feeling left out?

So you’ve got all the tips on how to arrange flowers but don’t have any flowers to arrange? Join in on the fun and show us how it’s done!


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