Flowers that look like hairstyles

Jonah supporting the mohican allium look

With mohican alliums gracing Freddie’s Flowers fans’ doorsteps recently, it made me think a lot about hairstyles. Flowery hairstyles.

Just as my surname (Garland) reminds us, flowers go on top of hair, sure. But can I find flowers that look like popular haircuts?

Yes I can. 

Just to set the tone, let’s start where we left off.


1) Mohican alliums

Yes, the clue is in the name. At Freddie’s we love flowers that make a statement. And mohican alliums certainly do that. They’re the punky upstart allium cousin.

Mohican allium being delivered in the Freddie's Flwoers boxes this week
Image credit

There’s no denying that a mohican is a stand out way to wear your hair, too. From the Kings Road back when to Camden now, this London-loving do is the alternatives’ alternative.

 Image credit
Image credit

2) Alliums

Let’s keep family members side by side. I’ve often talked about alliums looking like lollipops.

Alliums, lisitanthus and solidago
A lovely lollipop alliums, lisianthus and solidago arrangement

But that perfectly rounded, slightly fluffy shape definitely triggers a hair style too …

The afro!

Michael Jackson with an afro that looks like a flower hairstyle
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And who better to show us how this flower hairstyle is done than the king of the moonwalk, Mr Michael Jackson himself.


3) Trachelium

Trachelium comes in an array of colours; we like the white and purple varieties the best.

Purple trachelium flower that looks like a hairstyle
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If I were to compare trachelium to a thing, I’d draw comparisons with a hedgehog, because of its prickles. When I look at it with ‘flowers that look like haircuts’ in my mind then there’s only one person for it;

Freddie's Flowers trachelium looks like Gareth Gate's hair
Image credit

Gareth Gates and his early noughties gelled spikes. Is it a surprise that we’ve fast tracked away from that look by 2017? I don’t think so! But if anyone could pull it off, Gareth could. Apparently.


4) Gladioli/ Glamini

Family is very important at Freddie’s Flowers – my mum was the one who showed me all I know about flowers and how to arrange them!

So, when we spot them, we like to unveil familial relationships within flower varieties too. I mentioned alliums before and now let’s say hi to the Glam-fam. Gladioli and glamini are little and large siblings.

Gladioli look like pigtails
Image credit

So it’s only fitting that, hanging upside down, they resemble a flowery hairstyle that suits big and little sisters alike; pigtails!

girl with pigtails looks like Freddie's Flowers gladioli
Image credit

My favourite pigtail wearer of all time has to be the little blonde girl, Amanda Thripp, in Matilda.

If you decide to give these pigtails a whirl, avoid any psychopathic Trunchbull-like characters. Unless you’re after a very sore head with a side helping of nausea.

At least she lands in a flowery meadow I suppose…


5) Blooms

Now I’m a keen bloom enthusiast. I’ve even been known to nestle up to them because they’re so soft and pillowy.

Freddie nestling up to blooms in the Freddie's arrangement

Our blooms get the utmost care and attention: they arrive in little netted cases to keep their petals pristine. We like to think that that’s why they stick around so long. Our customers have talked about them lasting four weeks. Yes, you read correctly – four weeks!

And their flowery hairstyle compadre? The rope twist pinwheel bun!

Image credit
Image credit

Doesn’t look very pillow-esque though, so I’ll stick with kipping on flowers for now.

6) Panicum Grass

A foliage more than a flower, true. But it’s a feathery fountain of loveliness that adds texture and delicate volume to any arrangement lucky enough to have it.

Panicum grass in Freddie's Flower box
A tray load of panicum grass

And what flowery hairstyle it resembles? Why the classic ‘mum I can’t believe you did my hair like that when I was little’ pineapple hairstyle, of course!

Boy with pineapple hairstyle
Image credit

No, no, not this one!

This one.

Baby with pineapple hairstyle next to a pineapple
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Most kiddies have been subjected to it. Because it’s practical? No. Because it’s adorable! The only comparison soft and sweet enough for this childhood favourite is panicum grass. An all round little fountain of cuteness.


7) The Sunflower

The bringer of happiness and brighter than a New York taxi. Sunflowers are a spectacle. But, admittedly, not that easy to resemble in a flowery hairstyle.

Sunflowers in the Freddie's Flowers box this week

Don’t have enough hair to make a big bountiful flowerful bun? Here’s a solution: how about you push your floral enthusiasm to the next level by getting the shape cut into your hair??

Image credit
Image credit

Not for the faint-hearted flower lovers.


8) The uncategorised flower

And now I shall leave you to ponder this one, purely for pondering purposes.

a flowery hairstyle that makes no sense what so ever
Image credit



And there you have it!

Turns out that there’s an gigantic meadow of flowery hairstyles out there to be uncovered. From the cute to the surreal, fun to hilarious. Either way, they make a statement no matter how big or small, just like I try and do with our weekly flower delivery.

Flowery hairstyles at home

Want to see if you can style your hair like our next box of flowers? Give us a go for only £24 a pop!



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