Flower of the week: Pink Sedum

A succulent for sore eyes in September

Autumn’s on the mind and in the hues and shades of the leaves on the trees. So it’s our late bloomer, freshly cut pink sedum, who gets pride of place this time of year.

Maybe you’ve stopped to wonder what that pretty, waxy leafed shrub-like plant is that pours out onto the pavements, brushing your ankles on the street? It’s an unusual choice for a cut flower, but boy does it work. Let me introduce you to pink sedum our ‘Autumn Joy’!

Pink sedum bush
Image Credit

Here’s why we think pink sedum’s more than deserving of it’s position as flower of the week.


Sky high succulents

For any ecologists or inhabitants of super eco-friendly housing out there, you may have gone as far as having green roofs. I don’t mean mossy slates or ivy strewn thatch (as lovely as that is). I mean full on plants-and-grasses-covering-the-roof-for-insulation-and biodiversity kind of set ups.


Succulent green roof
One very succulent rooftop. Image Credit

Surprising as it may seem, a mighty popular green roof plant is the super succulent, pink sedum.

Why? Maybe the clue is in the etymology. Sedum is Latin for ‘houseleek’. How glamourous. Little did those Romans know green roofs would become a thing. They spelt it wrong though. These little houseleeks will make sure your house leaks are kept at bay!  

leek flowers similar to the Freddie's Flowers alliums
A leek flower or twenty! Image Credit

Not to be confused with our old pal allium. But you also don’t want to be muddling any of these up with the other leek ‘flower’ out there either;

leeks carved into flowers
An acquired taste? Image Credit.

Sedum are notoriously easy to grow and maintain, partial to malnourished soil and tolerant of most climates. As a result, they are perfect for thinly spread soil on roofs with minimal nutrients and love basking in the heighty heat of an eco-roof.


The late summer sunbathers

To top off their brilliance, flowering sedum provide nectar nests for bees and butterflies to bathe in during the waning autumn sunshine.

Pink sedum with butterflies and bees
Image Credit

So pop some sedum either amongst the skylights or let them line your flower beds to help our pollinator pals.


Lady lisianthus of leisure

Oh the lovely lizzies are back! And you can count on us to bring you the double stemmed variety for two times the grace. These lucky buds were our flower of the week back in July.

Our stunning Freddie's Flowers arrangement this week

Our lofty lizzies will lift your home to the height of elegance, as their long stems tower out and above the canopy of freshly cut pink sedum.


Baby blue, that’s my kind of hue!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love eucalyptus. It’s a natural triumph and its oil has a long list of health benefits. And, surprise surprise, Eucalyptus Cinerea (commonly known as ‘baby blue’) smells delightful.

Eucalyptus Cinerea used in the Freddie's Flowers box
Image Credit

Cinerea looks a bit like an antennae and has an orbital feel to it thanks to the little disc shaped leaves that climb the stem. Let it stand tall and proud right in the centre of your arrangement with its gorgeous bluey-green colourings and you’ll fall in love with it just as I have done. Need an hand arranging? 


Roses are forever

Did you know that roses are officially the nation’s favourite flower? Purely because we’re patriots? I don’t think so. I reckon it’s because they’re simply lovely. And when they’re as big as these white avalanche beauties, I’m sure you’ll remember why we as a nation adore them.

flower box deliver of stocks, roses and iris
They’re biggies aren’t they!

(We always use top quality roses – the clue is in the petals and stem length. If the petals are thick and waxy, not thin and papery – you’ve got a good quality rose. The amount of petals is another indicator and we’re sending you roses with petal after petal).


Freshly cut pink sedum for all the senses

Put the secateurs and balaclava down. No need to knick your neighbours succulent sedum. We’ll do all the hard work for you (without stealing anything!). Instead, I suggest you sit back, stay warm and dry, and await your first box of Freddie’s Flowers.


Give us a go for only £24 a pop!

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