A whole bunch of Autumn

A detailed photograph of a fuego bloom

Blustery, autumnal wonderfulness

Autumn is well and truly here. The colour outside is changing, t-shirts have been swapped for jumpers and the demand for the heating to be put on echoes around the office every 5 minutes. The answer is still ”put another jumper on”. So to celebrate the colder winds and darker mornings we thought we would brighten it all up with this weeks firey, autumnal arrangement. Fitting, seeing as bonfire night is round the corner.

A photo of our arrangement
Fire flowers

In this weeks arrangement we have:

‘Alstroemeria Ariel’

Alstro is also known as the Peruvian or Inca Lily as it is native to South America. It grows in lots of different colours but for this week I have chosen a lovely red to suit the season. Interesting fact! The alstroemeria was named by the famous botanist, Carl Linnaeus, after one of his pupils, Baron Clas Alstromer who sent him seeds in 1753.

Red alstroemeria
Our red hot alstro


This fabulous foliage becomes extra special in the autumn, as its dark leaves slowly turn redder. Known as the ‘smoke tree’ its deep colour acts as a moody backdrop for the other flowers to shine against. I have always loved it outside and it’s not often used in flower arranging. So I thought why not bring the outdoors into my arrangement this week.

Introducing the fireiest of all the flowers:

A detailed photograph of Fuego bloom
The almighty Fuego Bloom

El Fuego Blooms

This firey, sassy flower arrives with nets on to keep their sass in – till you unleash it in your home!!! When you put them in water they’ll steam off and cool down and then start to unfurl.

A photograph of a orange lily and fuego bloom
Roaring orange lily

So hot right now – LA Lily

For this bunch I have chosen two varieties, a pale peach called ‘Menorca’ and a more vibrant amber colour. They work fabulously together and both sensational against the cotinus background.

a picture of Freddie's Flowers Autumn arrangement
Autumn in a vase

How to style this autumn flowers

  1. Start with your blooms, creating an even triangle around the edge of your vase. Almost as if you were building a bonfire. Get your practice in before Guy Fawkes night.
  2. Next so the same with the lilies, in the gaps left by the blooms.
  3. This creates a structural grid, giving the support to the other stems.
  4. Now carefully place your continus inside the lilies and the blooms. They will sit a little higher in the arrangement, giving the bunch a wildly elegant look.
  5. Finish with the alstroemeria sitting inside the continus, adding some serious colour to the centre. They’ll open out over the next couple of days.

It’s a living, changing work of art. So sit back and revel in the autumnal glory.

Spilsbury cartoon
Vars or Vaze?

Now lets talk vases!

  • I chose a hurricane shape vase for this bunch, giving it loads of room to spread out, and the lilies room to open up like fireworks. Choose a vase about half the height of your lilies.
  • Using sharp, clean secateurs, trim each stem by one inch. (That’s uno incho when trimming the fuego blooms).
  • Use the Freddie’s Flowerful Food and stir.
  • Change the water every 3 days.
  • Keep away from draughts, direct sunlight and those pesky fruit bowls.

It’s time to stop hanging onto Summer people. Embrace the cold, whack on your jumpers and light the fire because who doesn’t love feeling snugly and cosy? And what goes with snugly and cosy? Flowers! And with this arrangement being so hot you wont even need to light the fire. (Maybe).

Hida Village - Japan
Autumnal colours at their finest in Hide Village – Japan

If you’d like to turn your home into the best autumnal flower spot, why not sign up and have some Freddie’s Flowers delivered to your place? It’s only £24 a pop and I think you’ll be quite delighted.

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