Flower of the week: lavender

sea lavender in the Freddie's Flowers boxes this week

You might know cut limonium in its less tongue-tying title of sea lavender. How charming – the lavender of the sea! If you think you’re experiencing de-ja-vu right now you’re right. Well, kind of. We’ve covered the sea side of this beautiful flower already.

So instead I’m going to linger on the flower that cut limonium is commonly and rightly named after. And, seeing as lavender is a common scent filled sight of purple haziness to us here in the UK, it’s a flower worth taking the limelight.

The stunning Mayfield lavender Farm in Banstead, Surrey. Image credit

Long lasting lavender legacies

Lavender has many a prosperous property. The Romans were big fans of lavender (as well as roses). The Romans used to douse their baths, themselves and any fabric they could get their hands on with the soothingly perfumed flower oil.

It makes total sense then that the word lavender derives from ‘lavare’ which is ‘to wash’ in Latin. In the 16th Century the love of lavender was at a high – lavender (sprigs and all!) were sewn into sheets in the hope of keeping pesky bed bugs at bay.

Lavender in all its gloriously ‘good for you’ forms. Image credit


How flowers can help with sleep

Need a little help getting those solid 8 hours in? Lavender’s scent is often employed as a natural relaxant to sooth and calm, helping you drift off and into a good night’s kip.

Just make sure you’re putting a couple drops on your pillow and not shoving a lavender sprig up each nostril! 


Lemon and limonium

Anyone else new to knowing that lavender is related to mint? What a glorious scent filled family that is!

I suppose this is why lavender can follow in mint’s footsteps when making of a good cake or cracking cup of tea. There’s clearly logic in having a lavender sprig in your minty mojito too!

Image credit

Hold on a sec, let’s think back to The Great British Bake Off final. We all remember that moment when Paul Hollywood didn’t think that lemon and lavender would work in Sophie’s showstopper cake.

Sophie’s winning cake

He clearly didn’t know the family history. Like lemon and mint, lavender and lemon is (clearly) a winning combo when executed right. Come on Paul, surely your taste buds know better than that.


Back to the lavender of the sea.


Don’t underes-stem-ate the cut limonium

Cut limonium is a lot thirstier than it looks! Those skinny stems can suck up a lot of water so make sure you don’t find your flowers in a vase full of drought.

Top the arrangement up with fresh water regularly and you’ll be loving the limonium for days on end.

Cut limonium used in the Freddie's Flowers box this week

Top tip – leaving the limonium out of water on purpose (after the other flowers have gone on) is a great idea! Limonium dries wonderfully. Maybe it can join your dried celosia from a few months back?


Inventing new words for lavender

I saw cut limonium and the word ‘fluvely’ just fell out of my mouth. 

Cut limonium is, as the clumsy but effective new word suggests, both fluffy and lovely; the perfect cut flower to compliment any arrangement. With its unique texture and purple hue any arrangement would be lucky to have it!

All sorts of flowers, particularly paler ones like white lilies and phlox, work in unison with the lavender stems. And we all know that alstroemeria are always a good idea.


cut limonium coming in the Freddie's Flowers boxes this week

I’m sure your arranging skills are as strong as the scent of lavender in a Roman bath but here’s a little look at how to arrange this one.


Want to see what all this lavender and limonium malarky is about for yourself? Give us a go for only £24 a pop!


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