A few flowerful secrets to make sure you’re party season prepped


Christmas and all its frivolities (including Christmas flower deliveries) are here! ‘Who wants a mince pie?’ chimes around offices, homes, playgrounds and winter picnics (if you’re brave enough). We’ll be opening advent calendar windows before breakfast in no time.

I absolutely adore Christmas. Just love it. So bring on the plethora of pies, parties and pleasure that all that mulled wine, chocolate and good cheer brings. To enjoy the season robustly, one must be in robust health. Nothing worse than coughing all the way through the carol concert, or sneezing all over the cheeseboard.

So before you go off a-revelling, here are a few flowerful tips to stay on top of your game all the way through to New Year. There’s no need to change your life, outlook or wardrobe to shine like the star of Bethlehem.



1. Fighting off fluey feelings with flowers

The common cold likes to befriend everyone this time of year it seems. So step up to the plate, echinacea, and take your place as ruler of the herbal remedies!

Echinacea is a little floral gift in winter – it helps boost the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties. Stand down, sniffles, your reign is over! The Great Plains Indian tribes clearly knew a thing or two about cutting colds short when they started using echinacea 400 years ago.

echinacea flower as herbal remedy for colds
Echinacea flower. Image credit

Echinacea doesn’t taste fantastic, but it certainly tastes better than a red bauble for a nose looks! Pop a few drops in a glass of water and stave off the rudolf aesthetic (I’m afraid you’re on your own if booze has the same effect).

Speaking of drinks…


2. The fennel tea tummy trick 

Let’s be honest, Christmas is oft associated with overindulgence. Undoing a couple buttons post meal becomes the norm. Somehow it seems that there’s more chocolate around than you can get your mitts on at Easter! You try, but there’s no resisting.

Thankfully, plants provide an antidote.

Fennel seeds
A spoonful of fennel seeds. You’ll only need to munch on a couple!  Image credit

Fennel is a superb digestive aid, helping you avoid that bloated feeling. Chewing a few fennel seeds is common practice in Scandinavia and the Indian subcontinent after a hearty meal. There’s always time for tea so just pick up some fennel tea bags and you’re away.

Added bonus, it even eliminates bad breath – hurrah for that!  

3. Sleep tight, sleep right through the night 

Forget what they say, no one can thrive without a good night’s kip. When lavender was our flower of the week, I touched upon its soothing qualities. And what better time to fall into blissful slumber then before (and during and after) the party season.

Lavender in all its gloriously ‘good for you’ forms. Image credit

Let lavender essence become your new bedfellow by sprinkling some on your pillow before you sleep. You’ll be hopping out of bed and into the day without a backwards glance to your oh-so-cosy duvet. It’s the time of carpe diem, not carpe duvet.

Little (flower) heads up – Don’t confuse it with your echinacea drops as I can assure you that lavender oil is most definitely better off in a shortbread than a glass of water!


4. A botanical addition to tradition

Right, enough of all the extra ‘heal-and-cleanse-and-make-me-healthy-despite-the-6-million-mince-pies-i’ve-eaten’ stuff. Mulled wine is guaranteed to be on the cards. From the flora side of things, mulled wine is a flower enthusiasts dream! Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, oranges, lemons. Mmm.

Mulled wine and all the trimmings. Even a pine cone or two! Image credit

If you haven’t already, there’s a floral way to make this spiced delight even fruitier (and a little bit French). Add a dash of Cointreau to really bring out the orange tang. And top it all off with star anise! Festive in form and flavour. This mulled wine will warm your insides gloriously.

Star anise to use in mulled wine.
You don’t get much more festive than that! Unless you find a spice shaped like Father Christmas, of course. Image Credit


As with all these tit bit tips, please take heed responsibly!

5. Christmas flower deliveries bring dingaling-ling decoration by the box 

Usually, when it comes to decorating the home for the festive season, ‘deck the halls with boughs of holly’ and all the fa la la la la’s to follow might spring to mind. Lovely, classic, traditional.

Fa La La La La Singing GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Let’s think outside the holly bush this year, shall we? You can do it. Amaryllis is a classic, and we’ll be delivering amaryllis to all our customers in the week commencing 18th December. 

Christmas flower deliveries
Here’s our upcoming roses, bouvardia, eucalyptus cinerea and silver parvifolia delivery to get you in the festive spirit!

With flowers arriving on the doorstep your house will reflect the season perfectly without even thinking about it. Easy! This way you’ll be ready for any unannounced relative bringing festive cheer and too much tiramisu.  

6. Last but not least, a little bit of peace

Flowers aren’t just a pretty face. We all know that it’s good for the soul to have fresh flowers in your home, but did you know they can help you find inner peace?


Flower arranging is a very mindful activity. Just taking 20 minutes out of your hectic, fun filled festive week to calmly arrange your flowers will ground you and give your thoughts a bit of a rest (ye merry gentle thoughts). So peace on earth and good flowers to all women and men, I say.

It helps that they’re aesthetically pleasing too! It does wonders to take a moment to stand and admire such beautiful things as flowers every so often.

Our flowers are more seasonal than seasoning itself. So what are you waiting for? Join in on the festive fun to come and give us a go for £24 a pop!

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