Flowers that look like festive things

It’s that time of year when it’s almost impossible to do anything without feeling at least a bit festive. You look around and you find yourself immersed in festive floral things morning, noon and night. Okay maybe the floral aspect is just me but still! The lights have been turned on, the shops are rammed and wrapping paper rolls are knocking peoples’ knees at every turn.

The Christmas countdown is upon us!

While everyone else is shopping until they’re dropping, I’m unveiling how my flower-filled brain sees festive floral things in everything.

But first, let’s set the tone. Here’s a little festive number to accompany your journey of discovery:


The decorative deity

Let’s start with the startlingly uncanny. Orchids are the masters of disguise. So much so that sometimes you might even question whether they are actually flowers.

They certainly deserve their name! Image credit

What festive floral thing could this possibly be, I wonder? You got it. A stunningly intricate little Christmas angel.

Image credit

If you’re planning on finding a safe and secure way to suspend an angel orchid from the ceiling to perch on your Christmas tree you’ll be getting an A* for original thinking. And maybe a power drill for Christmas.


Big, bright botanical bobbles

The carthamus brought a new element to our November boxes. Seeing a soft-but-spikey orange flower sprout right out of the top of a green ball as the days went by was really rather delightful.

festive floral things such as these carthamus
Image credit

Now we’re firmly in December and it’s a month that brings Winter warmers. For once I’m not talking about the alcoholic type of warmer. Hats here, scarves there, single gloves a plenty.

festive floral things - a carthamus looks like a bobble hat
Image credit

You spot festive garments everywhere! But it’s not often you see a hat that looks like a flower.


Reindeer festive cheer

There’s no Christmas without Rudolf and his gang. Apart from maybe in Australia where there’s not an ounce of snow in sight at Christmas. I wonder then, whether they’ve noticed the potential in their native flower, the kangaroo paw.

Image credit

When it comes to festive creativity the kangaroo paw can certainly come in handy – think reindeer antlers!

You simply have to give making these a go. Image credit

Whilst we find mossy muddy twigs, those down under can use kangaroo paw stems to bring their reindeer miniatures to life and give them that all important Aussie twist.

Jingle bells

Where would December be without the jingle of sleigh bells? It’s the quintessential sound of Christmas.

Okay so we don’t pop them in our boxes (we go for snapdragons when we’re after some height!) but foxgloves are a spectacle and I absolutely love seeing them in the garden.

Jingle jangle dingle dangle. Image credit

Pop a red ribbon around the two of them and ding dong!

Image credit

You can hear the bells ringing for miles. If only foxgloves had little jingle janglers in them!


Dangling decorative dahlias

Dahlia’s are having a comeback. There’s an abundance of varieties bouncing around (though they’re not in season in the UK right now) and oh my days I want them all!

Botanical baubles! Image credit

Just like our festive friend the bauble, all shapes and sizes are acceptable.

Image credit

On the subject of festive floral things, pom pom dahlias are the ones for me!

If only they could be dried …


Twinkle twinkle tinsel

Newcomer, eremurus, was a real tongue twister back in the Summer when it was our flower of the week.

Image credit

Eremurus’ festive lookalike has got to be the one and only tinsel. When the flowers come out, they’ll have that added sparkle too.

Image credit

That, or a tangle of fairy lights – the bane of the festive season.


Starry starry night

Starry by name and nature, ornithogalum are rather other-wordly things. We like them best with white lilies!


You simply can’t comment on festive floral things and not include these star shaped wonders.

Image credit

This weather brings such beautiful star-studded nights that are too good to miss. Or it brings snow. Not too dissimilar to stars, I suppose.


The marmite moment at Christmas

We made headlines (well it made the blog title) when we had snowberries in your boxes in Summer! Funny thing is, that they’re mighty festive right now but they belong back in Summersville.


Snowberries out in the wild
Image credit

It’s a no brainer what its compradré is – that festive floral thing called mistletoe, of course.

Image credit

Mistletoe has a touch of marmite to it. Metaphorically speaking, obviously. You love it or hate it. When the branch dangles above your head, you either jump at the opportunity or dive under the table. Which way do you go?

Festive floral things, tied up with string

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