January hues to banish those January blues

In the wake of Blue Monday, January blues might feel rather present and correct right now. Poor old January isn’t known for much on the positivity front. But let’s look on the bright side shall we? I for one would rather January wasn’t accused of harbouring the most depressing day of the year! I reckon the answer to beating these January blues lies in bringing fresh flowers into the home.

So here’s my suggestion: revoke traditional thinking and look for all the positives that January can offer. Here are my glorious January Hughs. I mean hues. (Or do I?)


It may be known for Blue Monday but January belongs to Violet

Be gone January blues! No one wants to dwell on the fact that someone has actually calculated the most depressing day of the year. Let Pantone’s official colour of 2018 step into the foreground instead, please. Hello Ultra Violet, thank god you’ve turned up to relieve the drizzlingly drab days with some much needed vibrance.

Pantone's Ultra Violet to beat the January blues

All things in moderation though, eh? I’ll avoid recommending you embrace this hue by painting all your walls, dip dyeing your dog or buying a new violet car.

Image credit

Instead, how about you find it wrapped up in brown paper, tied up with string and delivered right to your doorstep? This month’s bunch of Freddie’s Flowers will bring just the right amount of January hues to your life and home.

Our double headed lisianthus are worthy of our own version of a pantone square. Accompanying the lizzies are a beautiful array of complementary purple-y tones.

Freddie's Flowers violet lisianthus beat January blues
Ultra Violet or what?!

We’re lighting things up with some beautiful lilac limonium known as the milka variety. Pretty spot on if you’re comparing it to the milka chocolate packaging! Designing with limonium always adds a new dimension to textures as it is wonderfully crunchy. Kind of like tissue paper.

sea lavender in the Freddie's Flowers boxes this week

To top it off, I’ve found the most stunning alstroemeria.

Together the limonium, lizzies and alstroemeria shades burst out of the green stems to dramatise the arrangement. Set against the grey skies, this arrangement is an eye-catcher for sure.


A couple of Hughs to abolish the January blues

Purple colour palettes and flower filled homes are now a safely established way of bringing January back from the brink of dreariness. So let’s light a fire, fix a floral tisane and cosy into our new, fabulously flowery living room. Then invite the Hughs over to admire the new and improved flowerful view.

Hugh Grant

Notting Hill, surely a family favourite.

It’s up there in the Christmas movie bundle alongside The Holiday and Love Actually. Oh come on, you can’t let go of all things festive in one go.

Whether it’s for Hugh Grant’s bumbling ‘whoopsie-daisies’ or the love of London, Notting Hill’s got it covered on the flower front. Remember Hugh wandering through Portobello Market, amidst buckets of flowers?

There he is, Mr Thacker. Image Credit

I like ambling through flower markets too (with a little more purpose, admittedly). Maybe I am the real William Thacker?


Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Now here’s a man with a talent for flour over flowers but he’s still one great Brit to admire. He’s a nature man and so am I. Already an advocate for crystallised violets, I think Hugh F-W might approve of looking on the bright side of life and beating the blues right out of January.

Image credit

Hugh’s to say there’s no need to palm off all things sweet just because it’s New Year. Moderation is key though so well done, Hugh. Try these fatless ‘veg patch’ gnome fairy cakes out for size and flavour.

Who would even suspect the healthy veggies that lie within? Image credit

Long live the fatless veggie filled cupcake!


Winter warmers that won’t break your dry January stint

Out you go, mulled wine and mince pies. Same for you, Christmas colours. The focus is now on January’s menu. Palettable pinks and purples are the sure to help you ease into 2018.

flowers to beat January blues

Seeing as January’s all about new beginnings, start the year right by getting flowers delivered to your door for only £24 a pop!


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