California dreamin’

You might need to put your shades on for this one, it’s a blinder. This stunning yellow bunch will bring sunshine flooding into your home.

Venice Beach, Los Angels

Hit the road, Jan

You might need to put your shades on for this one, it’s a blinder. This stunning yellow bunch will bring sunshine flooding into your home. Swapping grey skies outside for a lovely sunny burst of light indoors.

Who’s in need of a holiday?

Think of this arrangement as a mini getaway. Maybe not mini, one that lasts up to two weeks. Starting in LA like our LA Lilies. Cruising down the Big Sur in your convertible mustard mustang is how you’ll feel when these guys open up.

Forsythia is part of the oceaceae family. Well that makes me think of the ocean, and there’s the Pacific up ahead!

Time to wax up your surfboard to ride those gnarly waves with this weeks wonderful waxflowers.

Later, watching the sunset go down over the Pacific makes me think of solidago with its cloudlike, fluffy texture

And let the good times roll with this weeks roses being unbelievably appropriately named Rose ‘Good Times’.

Are you feeling like you’re in sunny California now?

This weeks sunny arrangement
This weeks sunny arrangement

Beat the January blues

This week you might notice we’re all about the yellow. I always say that fresh flowers are good for the soul and these flowers are all about well-being. Bring in the positive with the New Year. Well, I hope this arrangement will transport you to far away, warm lands. It also reminds me of Sunday breakfast for some reason.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles @soitgoesmag

And… Back to reality

LA lily doesn’t actually stand for the star studded city of Los Angeles. It stands for something far more glamorous. Longiflorum Asiatic. Which is two different types of lilies in one. You can practically see the Longiflorum Asiatic taking off it’s Raybans and flicking it’s hair with an explosion happening in the background. Or maybe that’s a bit of a stretch.

LA Lilies
Too Hollywood


Surfs up

The lovely little white flower in this arrangement is called waxflower. Named waxflower because it’s petals look waxy. I’ve got a real soft spot for them. I think they’re charming. I hope you enjoy them too. If you squish them they will give a lovely aroma.

Waxflower is actually a native to Australia. Ahh, to be in Aussie now. Well just look at the flowers and you can pretend you are. Just imagine that sunshine on your skin.

Australian outback
Hot. Hot. Hot.

Roses that just want to have fun

Bask in the dazzling rays of some Good Times roses. They remind me of going past the orange orchids on my hypothetical road trip in California.

Fancy forsythia

Forsythia may look a bit stick like on arrival, but hundreds of yellow flowers will burst open over the week like a hundred little suns.


How to arrange forsythia, lilies and waxflower

Start with your structural forsythia. Snip off any low branches, so there are no stems below the water line. Arrange the stems evenly around the edge  of the vase. You’ll make a triangle-like teepee.

Standing strong forsythia

Take your lilies and do the same, filling the gaps left by the forsythia. This creates a grid for your waxflower and roses to stand up in.

LA Lily
Lush lilies

Next up, your fluffy waxflower. Place the stems in the centre using the stem grid for support and carefully pull its branches out in opposite directions.

Waxy waxflower

Finish with those good times roses. Tucking them over the edge of the vase.

Good time roses
Good time roses

And there you have it. Your own holiday in a vase. The perfect arrangement to beat the January blues.

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