Year of the dog; Freddie’s flowerful four-legged friends

I’m a firm lover of a few things; alternative flowers, four-legged friends and festivities.

I’m a firm lover of a few things; alternative flowers, four-legged friends and festivities. And with Chinese New Year right on our hind legs, I get to indulge in all three.

But it’s not about me! On February 16th 2018, we enter into the year of the Claude. I mean, dog. I can tell you one thing for sure. Claude is over the moon. Long live her doggy reign.

Alternative flowers for the year of the dog
All hail Queen Claude

So here goes an exploration of the fluffy, flowerful fun to be had thanks to the onset of the Chinese year of the dog.


What’s the deal with the date?

The official date for Chinese New Year is ever changing, just like the tide. It’s more tide-tied than you may realise; Chinese New Year is under the influence of the moon.

Little lady Luna

The date for Chinese New Year falls on the second new moon after the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. And who better to be the face of the lunar calendar than the moon dog herself, Luna!


Thank god for the year of the dog

For us dog-lovers, year of the furry friends has simply got to be a good ‘un. Most of us know a dog’s attributes. Providing we treat them right, they’ll treat us right, too. They’re loving, compassionate, loyal, a little smelly at times but all round lovely, really.

Respect and companionship amongst others is the key to success

Doesn’t it warm your heart to think that 2018 will be fore-fronted by those who embody such characteristics? Minus the wet dog smell, of course.


Every dog has its day, its year and its flower

We all know our zodiac signs, maybe even what our lucky numbers are. But did you know that every zodiac has a lucky flower too?

The dog’s almost too good to be true; the dog’s flower of fortune is the rose. Lucky in love are you, doggos?

Claude and a bucket load of lucky flowers

Having talked about floriography recently (fancy word for the language of flowers) a rose is a symbol of enduring and undivided love and affection. Just like a dog!


Freddie’s flower-loving four-legged friends

I think there’s almost nothing better than dogs and flowers. Here are a couple Freddie’s Flowers HQ adorable doggy exclusives. If anyone knows how to style our flowers, it’s the poochies.

Betty hunting foxes in a Freddie’s Flowers jungle
Otis soaking up those rays from our sunshine arrangement
Malty taking a selfie with the snapdragons
Doodle doggy modelling this arrangement blooming well
Majestic Arthur setting the scene in the packhouse
Sisters Bandit and Nel working the office flower bucket (they wanted their own photo shoots though)

Has your dog got what it takes to style a Freddie’s bunch like this little lot? Show us! Just tag Freddie’s Flowers on instagram and use the hashtag #flowerboxdogs to prove your poochie’s poochiness! 


Alternative flowers and their mythical powers

No occasion can be a celebration without flowers, in my (puppy dog) eyes. And those celebrating Chinese New Year clearly agree! Apparently, having blooms in the home is the best part of essential. They symbolise rebirth and growth.

Claude’s guarding these mythical peonies. Paws off!

Oh peony, lovely peony! Of course peonies are at the top of the list for such a joyous celebration. They’re the floral epitome of richness and peace – just what you need for a prosperous year, eh? Now you know, you’ll spot decorative peonies everywhere.

Make sure you’re ready for yet another festive season and deck your house out with prosperous petals for only £24 a pop!


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