Most common mistakes people make when flower arranging

Do you adore cut flowers but worry you won’t give them the flow-wow-erful factor when it comes to the flower arranging bit?

Do you adore cut flowers but worry you won’t give them the flow-wow-erful factor when it comes to the flower arranging bit?

Fear not! I’m here to help.

I’ve got a posey of simple flower arranging pointers. 

First things first; you need flowers to arrange. (You could get them delivered right to your door by us. Click here to sign up to a weekly box off gloriously fresh cut Freddie’s Flowers.)

“Flowers always arrive beautifully and carefully packaged, stunning flowers and I love the instructions and ideas. Flowers really last two weeks every time, so have constant flow of beautiful blooms.”

Anne J

Here are my five top guidelines:


   1. Choose the right vase

Step well away from that tall, skinny, pringle pot vase. It’s close to useless, unless you’ve got 3 stems of amaryllis.

Believe it or not, almost all tall flower arrangements (as most Freddie’s Flowers arrangements are) work in one type of vase.

the perfect vase for flower arranging

I love a bell jar; 10cm in diameter at the neck and 20cm at the base.

This gives your flowers space to fan, whilst accommodating their long legs.

Secondly, as our flowers last for ages, you can trim them and break them out into small pots and jars in week 2, 3… sometimes 4!

2. Necessary accessories for long lasting flowers

A bad craftsperson blames his tools but having the right tools certainly helps!

  • Don’t use scissors – do invest in secateurs and keep them squeaky clean

  • Do always use a clean vase; your flowers will love you for it
  • Do add a sachet of flower food when you first arrange them, and every time you change the water


     3. Cut and water pronto

Our flowers are grown and cut to order and so fresh that we deliver them out of water.

  • Do pop your cut flowers into water as soon as humanly possible
  • Do trim them on a sharp angle to maximise water intake
  • Do snip a good inch off the ends to let them drink
  • Don’t let any leaves or foliage below the waterline as this reduces the life of your flowers

4. Find the right home for your flowers

Don’t put your flowers …

  • near a radiator
  • on a sun soaked windowsill
  • near fruit bowls

It may be a beautiful looking spot but it’s a total flower arranging no-no.

  • Do put your flowers somewhere reasonably cool with maybe an hour of natural morning sunlight. Flower heaven.

Top tip: need your flowers to open a little quicker? Do leave them under a lamp overnight in a warm room and the results are fantabulous!


9pm with central light on                                7am the next morning!


5. Remember to refresh regularly

  • Do treat your arrangement to fresh water every 3 days.
  • Do add a sachet of Freddie’s flower food to every litre of water.
  • Do retrim your stems by a few millimetres each time.
  • Do clean your vase each time you refresh to avoid bacteria build up.
  • Don’t use fairy liquid to clean your vase! The bubbles hang around and damage your flowers.
  • Do use a little bit of bleach and lots of water. Bye bye bubbles, hello healthy fresh flowers.


You’ll flourish at flower arranging

So there you have it! If you do the do’s, you’ll have stunning, long lasting cut flowers brightening your home all year round.

Time, patience and practice are your three best flower friends. Sign up to a weekly box of Freddie’s Flowers for just £24 a pop. We deliver a different selection each week for you to arrange. They’re fresh from the grower, too!


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