Our favourite British wildflower walks this Spring

Begone, Winter! Spring forwards into the world of wildflower walks like a little lamb on a crisp March morning.

Begone, Winter! Spring forwards into the world of wildflower walks like a little lamb on a crisp March morning.

As a dog lover and flower enthusiast, wildflower walks are up there with my favourite Spring pastimes.

Hop in a car and fast track yourself, a companion and a four-legged friend or two into the depths of the British countryside.


Here are my four favourite wildflower walks:

South: Kingston Lacy, Dorset

Dorset is awash with natural beauty; a walk along the Jurassic Coast certainly gets your heart rate up. But what lies a little inland?

Snowdrops by the meadow-load!

snowdrops on the wildflower walks at Kingston Lacy
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With over 30 different species of the beautiful fairy-dress flowers I would hurry on down to this country house and park of dreams rather sharpish. With glorious grounds and a Japanese Garden so beautiful, you’re in for 3 hours of total bliss.


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Emily R


West: Zennor, Cornwall

Zennor is the land of all things wild and wonderful.

Hoike on your hiking boots and scramble over to this undisturbed wildflower walk heaven. It’s a trickier trek than others but dog violets, squill and orchids (to name a few) are all about. Lovely, lovely stuff!

foxgloves on the wildflower walk from Zennor
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Just a little look at the foxglove and shoreline splendour of Pendour Cove and you’ll want to live on the Cornish coast forever. Five miles walking this beautiful Cornish coastline will be plenty of time to sort out the change of address, won’t it?


East:  Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire

Step back in time and into the realm of Wicken Fen Nature Reserve for a stroll you won’t regret. Follow the adventurers trail and you’ll have an hour and a half spotting the best of the British in all its beauty. 

Wildflower walks at Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire
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Flat as a pancake and just North of Cambridgeshire, this iconic fen is easily accessible and even easier to traverse.

A wildflower walk here is a sure way to immerse yourself in a timeless British landscape and lovable local history.


North: Cressbrook Dale, Peak District

Feast your flower loving eyes on this hikers heaven! Starting strong, the North has got one helluva landscape to compete with.

If you begin in the picturesque village of Litton you’ll soon be immersed in scenery of jaw dropping natural prowess and absolute wildflower galore.

Peter's Stone to be spotted on the Cressbrook Dale wildflower walk
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Seven miles later, after the full route, you’ll find yourself at the perfectly positioned Red Lion pub for a well earned refreshment. What a way to spend a day.

Keep an eye out for Peter’s Stone, too – it’s pretty as a picture and has got quite the history!


It’s clear that, whether you head North, South, East or West, an absolute plethora of British wildflower walks await!


Want to talk the wildflower talk and not walk the wildflower walks?

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Freddie's Flowers arrangement

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Featured photo by Henry Be

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