What wonderful interior trends are so hot right now?

They go together like birds of a feather

Since the beginning of floral time flowers and interiors have gone together like bread and butter or cheese and wine. So I thought I would take you through a few of my favourite trends of 2018. You know me, I’m all about the latest fashion.


So what are these innovative ideas?

Keen for green?

Green interiors
Keen for green

Not only am I talking about keeping the Earth safe but also keeping the colours on trend in your house from all those style gurus out there. Forest/cactus and jungle are the greens we must have in our homes according to 2018’s mantra. As a lover of all things green Freddie’s Flowers are all over this.

Doors that make a statement

Doors that make a statement
Hello door

Show stopping doors are popping up all over London at the moment. It’s hard to walk down the street without thinking you could be on the set of Teletubbies with the colour palettes flying around. But my lord am I a fan. It certainly brightens up rainy London makes you feel like you’re walking on the set of a musical, ‘Singing in the Rain’ maybe?!

Gelato Hell(at)o

ice cream colours
Ice cream colours

Walls that make you want to lick them. No, I’m not talking about Willy Wonker’s guided tour around his factory, but the fact that ice-cream colours are all the rage for your home. Who wouldn’t want a room that looked so good you could eat it?

Foliage is a go-liage

Jungle interiors
Jungle is massive

Not only is green apparently the perfect backdrop colour for your home but so is masses of foliage stylishly designed all around the room. Cascading leaves, tumbling down to give the perfect rainforesty feel. Enjoyed The Jungle Book? Well you now can live it in your home.

Mediterranean inspiration
Marvellous Med

Magnificent Mediterranean

Geometric shapes are the latest must have in terms of light fittings, tiles and shelving it turns out it’s inspiration behind it is the Mediterranean. The colour palette draws from the bold colours and easy styles of the Mediterranean villages. And bring in the flowers! Brilliant tones of orange, blue and gold to pop against hues of beige and cream. Bright sunflowers, blue agapanthus and orange dahlias burst against Sahara roses. That is a room i’d like to be in.

Botanical prints
Botanical style

Botanical prints

While botanical prints have always been in style and will always be in style, what makes this seasons must have so fresh and so high in demand is hand-drawn or painted prints. Sketches on fabric. What’s not to love?!


A Freddie's Flowers arrangement
A Freddie’s Flowers arrangement

Get that flowery feelin’

Now what goes so well with the latest interior fashion fads? Flowers of course! Top up your homey haven with a fresh weekly delivery of Freddie’s Flowers. Our arrangements will make any room in your house pop.


If you’d like to turn your home into the best on trend flower spot, why not sign up and have some Freddie’s Flowers delivered to your place? It’s only £24 a pop and I think you’ll be quite delighted.


Featured photo by Liana Mikah