Four magical forests you need to know about

There are some things in life you just need to know about; flowers, foliage and magical forests.

There are some things in life you just need to know about; flowers, foliage and magical forests.

As a self proclaimed flower lover I can’t get enough of forest pictures. But what makes forests of the world so down right enchanting that you’re unanimously humbled, terrified and enamoured as soon as you walk into one? I suppose no one really knows and that’s the beauty of it.

In the mean time, it’s metaphorical hiking boots on, everyone. We’re all going on a forest holiday into some simply astounding forests that nature has to offer.

Be warned; they’re brain-bogglingly beautiful!


Meandering through the most magical forests in the world


‘Pando’ in Fishlake National Forest, Utah

Have you ever thought about self cloning trees? I certainly hadn’t. Before Pando, that is.

Pando is Latin for ‘I spread’. The ‘I’ might seem a little bizarre when referring to a forest but they were right in making it personal.

One of our favourite magical forests
Pando at the start of Autumn

Experts suggest that, between 80,000 and a million years ago, one quaking aspen tree produced saplings from it’s own roots. Today we’re left with 100 acres of naturally occuring, genetically identical aspens; each new aspen physically connected to the last.


That puts Pando up there as the world’s both oldest and largest living organism. Sorry, blue whale, you’ve been pipped by the woody wonders of Utah’s cloning trees.

Impressive, right? What a fitting first contender for my magical forests.


Mossy Forest, Malaysia

This is one forest holiday to keep your eyes up, down and all around. The Mossy forest, nestled in the Cameron Highlands, boasts a blanket of eerie fog that will always set the scene for adventure. Think Labyrinth (1986) with David Bowie and you’ll be on the right track.

The mossy forest is perfect for forest holidays!
Moss everywhere!

Let the misty surroundings slowly unveil wild orchids and moss laden mounds every which way you look. All the while you’ll be up to your ankles in a mossy carpet of squelch.


It’s probably the first time you’ve considered taking wellies to Malaysia!


The Crooked Forest, Poland

The Crooked Forest is 400 metres and 22 rows of total bewilderment.

Poland's magical crooked forest
The magnificent Crooked Forest

The inexplicable has remained just so despite Poland and the rest of the world’s attempts to rationalise these wonky trunks with historical suggestions.


Still no one really knows either how or why the forest is this way so let your imagination can go as crooked as the trees themselves.


The Arve Forest, Tasmania

The Arve Forest is home to Centurion; the largest eucalyptus tree measuring a whopping 99.6 metres high. Rather ironically named when it’s 40cm off truly deserving its name, don’t you think?

Freddie's Flowers love Eucalyptus trees more than anything!
One high and mighty tall tree

(Nearly) Centurion’s height makes it the world’s tallest flowering plant, too. An added bonus for a flower lover like me!

Just imagine standing at the foot of such a magnanimous thing! And think of the tree house potential … You’d be bigger than Big Ben himself.


Eucalyptus is my absolute favourite foliage. I adore using it in my weekly flower deliveries to bring smell, style and texture into any curation. That greeny blue hue makes me weak at the knees … 

An arrangement by Freddie's Flowers

Have your own forest of flowers 

So there you have it! A whistle stop visit to magical forests that make your imagination run, Forest, run.

Forest holiday ideas sorted now, are they?

If you’re not quite ready to go globe trotting but want to have a home full of forest flora and fauna, then give us a go for only £24 a pop.

No need for wet weather gear and hiking boots, either. You just stay right where you are and have beautifully fresh flowers delivered right to your doorstep. As if by magic.

Featured photo by Lukasz Szmigiel

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