So what’s been in season this summer then?

Now that the temperature has dropped few degrees and jumpers are aren’t just making guest appearances after the sun goes down, it is time to have a look back to see what trends of summer 2018 got us the most excited.

Make more of your floral decor!

Now that the temperature has dropped a few degrees and jumpers aren’t just making guest appearances after the sun goes down, it is time to have a look back to see what trends of summer 2018 got us the most excited.

It is pretty safe to say that this summer has been quite possibly one of the most brilliant summers to date. The glorious heat wave that seemed to never end (until now). The World Cup… Poldark! What utterly feverish madness.

To match this wonderful summer we’ve delivered an array of different floral variations to your door; from phlox to peonies to agapanthus to alliums. Each box representing the wonderful summer we’ve had.

box and vase shot-182 (1)

So what are my favourite things of this years summer trends?

Happi to go more Wabi-Sabi!

To start off give the Hygge a hug goodbye and say wassup to Wabi-Sabi. The new lifestyle mood to live your life by.

Wabi-Sabi is all about bringing out those homey features that make a home a home. Beauty in imperfection. Celebrate life’s flaws with crumpled throws, distressed walls and messy(ish) beds.

Of course this doesn’t mean live like Tracy Emin’s Unmade Bed but by living with your house being imperfect it will clear your conscious of the modern stereotypes you believe you have to live up to and accept yourself for who you are. Leaving you with a happier way of life. Of course it is said Freddie’s Flowers go very well with the Wabi-Sabi way of life.


Jungle prints that will send you wild!

Last year it was all about bright flower and tropical prints but this year it’s all about going deep into the jungle and bringing out the darker greens for your walls.

Framed jungle prints to feel like you’re looking out the window into the depths of the Amazonian rainforest. Transport your home to a forest far far away. When you relax in the evening after a long and stressful day I like to think if you shut your eyes you can hear the sound of the jungle animals. Or maybe… that’s just sound of your kids getting ready for bath time.


Blurring the boundaries.

Blurred Lines maybe a song from 2013 but for 2018 it’s all about blurred boundaries. I’m not talking about squinting really hard at your living room but actually an architectural movement recreated as an interior movement.

Blurring the boundaries of your room is meant to reconnect your interior space with nature. By adding large plants or flower arrangements (like ours) in the corners of your room it is meant to break up the boundaries and make it feel like a larger more alfresco space. The indoors meets the outdoors without having any windows actually open.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 15.53.06

Absolutely berserk for astrantia.

We went mad for the gorgeous astrantia in our bike baskets earlier this summer. You may have noticed our lovely bikes around and about town, next time come and say hello. But if missed them I’m sure you would have certainly seen them in Meghan’s bouquet at the Royal Wedding to the lovable rogue Prince Harry earlier this year.

The name ‘astrantia’ comes from the latin ‘aster’ meaning star. And it really is a star of a flower in any arrangement with its beautifully crisp outer petals and soft pom pom inner stamens. The are discreet but certainly not missed.


Traditional techniques that’ll make you go weak!

Finally all the things I have picked up from the little markets on my holidays have come into fashion. Begging my wife to take a moth eaten rug back to England has finally paid off and worth all the eye rolls I’ve got in the past.

Heavily textured and woven hangings, rugs and curtains are all the rage. It’s all about emphasis on the traditional techniques and handmade items celebrating the history and story behind each piece.

Who doesn’t love it when someone comes over to your house and says ”oh, well that is interesting… where did you get that?’ and you go ‘well, funny you should ask, Marjorie. I actually picked up this little number in a lovely little craft market in a hill village just outside of Granada”. Watch Marjorie’s face as she realises this is a one off piece and she can’t pop to Peter Jones to copy you.

We love all things rustic. Evident in our bikes across town and our boxes we deliver our flowers in. To avoid any plastic (plastic is sooooo lame) we deliver our flowers in recyclable boxes and wrap up our flowers in brown craft paper. The craft paper is also perfect to draw on or to wrap presents in.

PTR_3339 (4)

The big five.

So there you have it. My top five must have summer 2018 trends. Be more Wabi-Sabi and hang dark jungle prints on your walls to feel like your at one and happy with nature. Blur the boundaries of your room with plants and flowers to reconnect your interior space with the outside or as I like to call it your ‘exterior-interior’. And add more astrantia to your life because who doesn’t want to be like the new Duchess. I mean I know I do.

If you’d like to turn your home into the trendiest home in town, why not sign up and have some Freddie’s Flowers delivered to your place? It’s only £24 a pop and I think you’ll be quite delighted.


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