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How to use pressed flowers to make your own Mother’s Day Card

Remember those special lessons when we were younger? Where we’d sit with Pritt Stick, glitter, felt tip pens and coloured cards and hand-make cards for our mums for Mother’s Day? There’s just something so much more poignant about a hand-made card, over a hurriedly purchased identikit one from your local shop.

Yet, as we get older, the art of making cards has been lost along the way. It can feel a little childish to do so. But we’re here to bring the tradition back, particularly around Mother’s Day. It’s not childish. It’s sentimental. It’s creating something to treasure, rather than just read and then chuck in the recycling a week later. And it really doesn’t take very long, but shows someone you really care.

As, of course, not everyone has their mum still with them, or they have tricky relationships with their parents. This can make the day difficult for a lot of people – if that’s you, be kind to yourself, and tell someone you love how hard you’re finding it. You have permission to skip the day altogether, or, if you wanted to, you could celebrate another important figure in your life. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be for traditional maternal figures, you could celebrate your grandma, aunt or even your best friend who has always been there and cared for you.

We (no surprises here) love to use dried and pressed flowers when making home-made cards. Pressing flowers is a wonderful way to make your Freddie’s Flowers arrangement last forever, and you can even select particular blooms – using the Victorian Language of Flowers – to symbolise just how much the receiver of the card means to you. It’s also really easy. We’re here to show you how…

How to press your flowers…

We have a whole guide to flower pressing here [LINK] so check it out if you want more detailed instructions. But, flower pressing really is very simple.

After a week or two of enjoying your flowers, use floral scissors or secateurs to cut down your chosen flowers (leaving half an inch of stem). Dry them, gently on some kitchen roll and then fold a piece of paper in half. Place your flowers inside, before popping the paper in the middle of a book adding even more weight on top with other books or tins and bottles. Wait for five to six weeks for them to properly dry and voila, they’re ready for you to create your card.

What flowers should I use?

When it comes to pressing, go for flowers with thin stems rather than thick ones,  which will be harder to press. You could also choose a symbolic flower, that represents the love that you feel for the receiver. If gifting your mother, pink statice is a lovely choice as it symbolises mother’s love. For another family member, cherry blossoms represent the love we hold for our friends and family, while forsythia tells a lifelong pal how much their unwavering support means to you.

How do I glue my flowers to the card?

They can feel so delicate and precious, so it can feel quite the precarious step gluing your flowers to your card. We advise, first and foremost, taking your time and not rushing it. Glue-wise a craft, see-through glue is best, like a Pritt Stick. If using liquid glue, ensure it’s transparent and use a small dish and a brush to brush onto the card. You could even use tweezers to gently pick your flowers up and place them in the position of your choice. Then apply a small amount of pressure to your flower, and leaving to dry.

Left it last minute?

It happens to all of us, don’t worry. And let’s face it, not everyone has the time to spend weeks letting flowers dry before crafting them onto a card! We’re sadly no longer in primary school where time is carved into our day for these things. For those occasions, we have our gifting service – you can send them a one-off box of flowers, or, even a subscription. And we definitely swerve identikit cards! You can choose a hand illustrated card that’s then personalised for your loved one.

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