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5 Reasons To Send Flowers To Your Friends This Mother’s Day 

Mother’s and Others’ Day  

There’s something wonderful about knowing Mother’s Day is coming up –  and that soon we’ll be celebrating all our mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers and all the other mother figures we’re lucky enough to have. 

But for some, the day hits different now. Gone are the simpler days of Primary School, making cards from bits of crêpe paper and fuzzy felt. At certain times in our lives, Mothering Sunday brings a complex soup of emotions, and it might not have the same resonance or appeal for everyone. 

So, we say: it’s okay to give the day a bit of a rethink if you need it. Just like February 14th has become the inspiration for Palentines Day – that celebration of female friendship, in defiance of romantic norms – we think it’s a good idea to celebrate special people in addition to all our lovely mums (and mother figures) on Mother’s Day. And why can’t that include your wonderful friends?

So, why might you send flowers to friends on Mother’s Day? 

1. They’re your “parent pal” 

We’ve all got that friend who is the responsible one. The mother or father of the friend group. The person who sets up the joint pot on Monzo for the group holiday. That friend who packs suncream. Well, why not show them your appreciation for everything they do for you (and your skin) by sending them some wonderful flowers on Mother’s Day. Oh, just don’t ask them to pick up the bill. 

2. They don’t have kids, and aren’t defined by it

Becoming a parent is something lots of people dream of, but many people can’t or don’t want to have kids. Let’s not exclude those people (with their full nights’ sleep and their exotic holidays) from all the Mother’s Day joy! Send them some wonderful flowers to let them know that you’re thinking of them, however they’re feeling at this time of year. 

3. They can’t be with their own mum 

For so many reasons, Mother’s Day can be an emotionally tricky time. For some people, the adverts, displays and card stands are a reminder that they can’t be with their own mums on Mothers day, for a whole host of reasons. It’s a really lovely thing to send someone some Mother’s Day flowers that might otherwise be missing their mum on Sunday. 

4. They’ve just become a parent for the first time 

Becoming a parent is a chaotic time, and things get forgotten. Now, we’re not blaming anyone, but I’m fairly confident a newborn baby is unlikely to remember to get its parents flowers on Mothering Sunday. So, help the tiny babies out and get flowers on their behalf. 

5. It just happens to be their birthday 

Some people are just born on Mother’s Day, it happens. This year, that applies to any lucky people born on March 19th. So send them flowers. Go on. It’ll save on choosing a card. 

It’s always good to send flowers 

And most importantly – you don’t need a reason to send flowers, at any time of the year. Fantastic fresh stems brighten the days of those who brighten yours – what better excuse do you have to treat somebody to super stems? 

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