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Everything You Need to Know About Sedum!

Take a look at these rather lovely sedum. You might recognise them – they’re a plant that loves to grow in gardens, on verges and in coastal spots. But, did you know that sedum has such an interesting backstory? 

The name sedum comes from the Latin “sedeo” which means “to sit”. This rather lovely stem got the name because it grows so well on rocks, especially by the sea. Be sure to keep an eye out for sedum when you’re next taking a seaside walk.

What does it represent?

When it comes to symbolism, sedum represents lots of different things. It carries meanings of peace, perseverance and calm – perhaps for the slow, steady way this stem grows – as well as more passionate and fiery connotations of love and passion (particularly the red variety!). 

You can find different varieties of sedum in different colours – the fabulously fresh green variety and the romantic and woozy red version are our favourites. Each kind brings something totally different to the party, but both will provide bags of variety and texture for your vase. 

How to care for sedum?

Generally speaking, sedum doesn’t need too much watering – it can hold a lot of water in its leaves and buds. It’s why it is such a hardy stem that grows well in challenging conditions. 

Sedum is a great stem to dry out and keep after your flowers have gone over. Simply whip them out of your vase and pop them into an empty vessel, and let nature do its thing. In a few weeks they’ll be nicely dried and ready to use as decoration around the house.

We only feature sedum in a few of our boxes each year – they’re a really special stem that we always look forward to. In fact, you could say it’s a case of now you sedum, now you don’t…

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  • This is my first box and I love everything about the service you provide! So looking forward to learning about new types of flower.

  • Ive received my box again and I absolutely love everything,
    I bought the bigger box of flowers and im so glad i did,
    These are fabulous, gorgeous flowers that you can’t buy at your local shop, and the arrangement I’ve made from them is huge,
    I can’t thank you enough for all my flowers, because I love them and they certainly brighten my day..
    Thank you xx

  • I received this box today. It’s my first one and I took the offer that included a free vase.
    I love how everything is packaged and arrived. Such excellent quality.
    My arranging skills need fine tuning, but I cannot fault Freddie’s Flowers.

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