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How to Arrange: Fields of Gold

Whether you’re staying put this summer or going further afield,  this arrangement will conjure the magic of the South of France in your vase. You’ll be walking in fields of gold. Discover sunflowers, crocosmia and wheat – floral gold!

Meet Crocosmia

This week we’re crackers for Crocosmia. Watch Freddie’s video above and hear all about this magical stem and its unique history. 

Other top tips for this arrangement

Remember to always snip your stems and remove any leaves below the waterline. 

Your alstroemeria will last for ages – how apt it’s called the “friendship flower”. It’s perfect to cut down and pop in little bud vases and dot around the house, keeping the floral fun go on and on. In fact, it’s the perfect table decoration for a dinner party with pals. 

 Sunflowers love water and drink deeply. Keep your sunflowers (and all flowers) lasting for ages by changing the water every few days.

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