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How to arrange: Running Up That Hill

Striding out into the natural world is one of the great joys of summer – if you can’t get out, why not bring the natural world to you? This arrangement does just that. Featuring roses, eucalyptus and glorious gladioli.

Meet Eucalyptus

This week we’re excited about Eucalyptus. There is so much we love about this iconic antipodean stem. Not only does it look fabulous but that unmistakeable aroma really fills every room – try crushing a leaf with your fingers to release the scent. 

Watch  Freddie’s video above to find out about all the benefits of this marvellous stem.

Other top tips about this arrangement…

Remember to always trim your stems and remove any leaves below the waterline. Then, be sure to change the water every few days to keep things really fresh.

Your roses will arrive with guard (outer) petals on. We rather love the vintage look they give, but if you don’t you can easily remove them by taking each petal and gently pulling and twisting. 

It’s coming up to the end of gladioli season. So take in all their glory while you can. Remember to pluck your lower (more open) gladioli flowers to help the top ones open. You can even scatter them along a table for the ultimate floral dining experience. 

We know lily pollen can be a bit of a pain – it can stain clothes, furniture and upholstery. To avoid this, remove the lily stamens using a leaf to grasp each one. If you do get any on your clothes, don’t brush it off! Just get some tape and dab it on the affected area – and watch how it magically vanishes.

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