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How to Arrange: Summer Night City

Can’t resist the strange attraction ABBA sang – and you won’t be able to resist the magnetic pull of this arrangement, twinkling brightly like a city at night. Stargaze (stemgaze?) at roses, santini and carthamus. 

Meet Carthamus

This week we’re chatting all things carthamus. This striking stem not only brings a rather eye-catching pop of colour to your arrangement but is steeped in history. Did you know that carthamus was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun?! 

Watch  Freddie’s video above to find out everything you need to know about carthamus. 

Other top tips about this arrangement…

Remember to always trim your stems and remove any leaves below the waterline. Then, be sure to change the water every few days to keep things really fresh.

In this arrangement, we’ve got some super santini. The name means ‘little saint’ in Italian and they’re said to represent kindness. Santini hark from the chrysanthemum family, meaning they’re tough cookies that will last a while – so they’re perfect for those cut downs, bud vases, and button holes (if you’re feeling snazzy). 

Solidago is a marvellous thing that brings colour and volume to the vase – floral oomph, if you will. The name solidago means ‘to make whole’ and it will complete your arrangement like nothing else. You can also snip some of its lateral stems and pop them in bus vases to enjoy for later.

Everyone loves roses. How can you not?! To keep them lasting for as long as possible, pop them in the fridge overnight (with some water of course) and this will slow down the wilting process. 

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