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Everything You Need To Know About: Harvest Moon

How to arrange: Harvest Moon

Bold and blazing, nothing brightens an autumn night like a harvest moon. And this arrangement – with its moon-like roses and its twinkly alstroemeria– captures that magic.  

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Meet Alstroemeria

Watch Freddie’s video below to find out more about this solid fave.

Eucalyptus Originally a native Australian plant, eucalyptus is best known as being the favourite food of Koalas. Eucalyptus has a distinct, fresh, menthol fragrance that is commonly used for home remedies or in spas as essential oils, found in soaps, hair wash, creams and more! Its aroma reduces stress, decreases anxiety and has a deeply calming effect.

PanicumThe name is from the Latin meaning ‘wand-like’ or ‘twiggy in growth’. Historically, there are many traditional uses of panicum, including flour, hair washing, clothes, padding, and medicine. They are very delicate so be extremely careful when taking them out of your box.

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