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Everything You Need To Know About: The Cheshire Cat

How to arrange: The Cheshire Cat

“The smiling brassica in this arrangement remind me of the wide grin of Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat – and just like the cat, they’re a bit magic!” – Freddie

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Meet Rose

Watch Freddie’s video below to find out more about this solid fave.

Brassica – Our top tip for this ornamental cabbage is to fold down its leaves so that it doubles in size. The Roman philosopher Pliny The Elder recommended cabbages as a hangover cure! Similarly, the Ancient Egyptians ate cooked cabbage at the beginning of meals to reduce the intoxicating effects of wine.

Lisianthus – Lovely lissys represent appreciation, gratitude and charisma. This one’s a  perfect flower to send to a friend. (Fancy it? Check out of gifts right here)

Alstroemeria – Named after the 19th century Swedish botanist Klas von Alstroemer who discovered this superstar stem and brought it to Europe. This amazing flower is symbolic of wealth, prosperity, fortune and friendship – so much so it’s known as the fortune flower.

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