An Ode to All Lizzies

Who loves flower arranging? I do obviously and I reckon there’s a Lizzie in all our lives who does too; a mother, a sibling, a friend. I definitely know a couple.

If you can’t think of one, you’ll have a certain Lizzie making an appearance on your doorstep soon.

Yes, you guessed it, we’re in Lizzie heaven here at Freddie’s Flowers because Lisianthus are in season.

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Flower of the week, the Roselily

Cat friendly lilies

The Roselily, the new revolutionary way to have lilies in your home without throwing away your clothes every time you lean over to pick up the house phone or resuscitate your cat if it decides that lilies look like catnip. Not only are they pollen free but the Roselily is three lilies in one. That’s buy one and get two for free! Continue reading “Flower of the week, the Roselily”

Flower of the week, Sarah Bernhardt peonies

Thanks to my flowerful idea to send flower lovers regular flower deliveries, the concept of flowers by post is no stranger to the average Brit. I wonder, however, if the well renowned 19th century French actress, Sarah Bernhardt, would have lapped up the idea? Continue reading “Flower of the week, Sarah Bernhardt peonies”

Flower of the week, astrantia

In our flowerful Freddie’s Flowers boxes, being delivered this week, we have a very sweet and unique flower.

Astrantia has many names. It’s known prettily as Hattie’s pincushion, less prettily as Great masterwort, and rather humorously as Melancholy gentleman.

This week's flower box
This week’s flowerful arrangement

The name astrantia is either derived from the Latin ‘aster’ which means star, or from ‘magistrantia’ which means masterwort. If we go with the star derivative (let’s do that, it’s much nicer!) it’s easy to see how the romans got there – the bracts* look like many pointed stars.

*A bract, flower fans, is often mistaken for petals but are in fact the leaflike structure that sits below the flower or cluster of flowers (known as an inflorescence – which reminds me of fireflies and neon jellyfish).

Do take the time to closely admire your astrantia. You may even feel moved to reach for the macro setting on your camera as the clusters of tiny flowers really are stunning up close!

Astrantia delivered by Freddie's Flowers
Astrantia from Freddie’s Flowers


When you’re arranging them with other flowers, place them a little lower or higher than other elements in the arrangement. This way you’ll spot and appreciate them from a distance. You could set one aside and pop it in a small milk bottle or little dinky vase and pop on your night stand or bedside table, then you can admire it all by itself.

Keen gardeners will know that astrantia isn’t just a joy when delivered in a flower box. They grow well in the english country garden, as long as they have good soil, dappled shade and some moisture. (They also have aromatic roots, which is just for the gardeners as I won’t include any roots in your box. It’s a flower box not a veg box, after all!).

Absolutely the best way to care for cut astrantia is to handle it very, very gently indeed. They are delicate flowers.  

Astrantia in a teapot
Astrantia in a teapot

Alongside the astrantia this week we have some marvellously poptastic LA lilies. These are a winning combination of Easter Lilies and Asiatic Lilies. They are big, pink, boombastic and proud of it.

It’s easy to remove lily pollen if you prefer not to it in your beautiful home. Take a piece of tissue and pluck the stamen off.  Here’s a very short vid to show what I mean.

Removing pollen from lilies

You’lI notice I send lilies out closed for three reasons. Firstly, it’s so enjoyable watching flowers unfurl and open – it’s something I love about flowers so I share that in the boxes. Secondly, the lilies last a lot longer when we deliver them closed. And lastly, it gives your arrangement this brilliant second wind as it develops over the week. It’s almost as if you get two two different designs! Do move the arrangement around your house and admire and enjoy the flowers in different spots as the arrangement blooms.

I’ve also added alstroemeria to this design. I hope you love the colour of these. They’re a deep maroon-purple which bridges the colour gap between the astrantia and lilies.

Your alstroemeria will be closed when your flowers are delivered and they can look a little sad, but as soon as you put them in water and refresh them, they’ll perk up in no time.  They’ll open out a couple of days after your delivery.

Finally we have some gorgeously lacy green bell, also known as Thlaspi. I just love, love, love green bell. It’s a stunning foliage that brings a beautiful vintage feel to an arrangement and, if you separate out each little branch, it adds an elegant and delicate wodge of volume to the design.

The sun is shining on the trees on Wandsworth Common as I type this and this week many people across the globe will be celebrating Buddha’s birthday. I mention this because my favourite thing about flowers in the home is benefiting from flower arranging as a form of meditation.

Flowerful meditation
Zen and the art of flower arranging

Fresh flowers are good for the soul and there is an element of mindfulness to opening a Freddie’s flower box, sorting the flowers into their little groups, then trimming and styling them. It’s a meditative 20 minute routine that myself and many Freddie’s customers love and look forward to. Especially in today’s busy times!


Connecting with nature and beauty is just so reviving, grounding and soothing. And you get something beautiful to look at afterwards. Happy days all round!


Flower of the week, stocks

This week our flower box delivery features a gorgeous flower with a very big nose. They smell absolutely wonderful!

Stocks, or, Matthiola incana for the Latin fans are commonly and rather charmingly known as night-scented stock or evening-scented stock. This immediately transports me to sitting in the garden with a G&T on a balmy summer evening. Delightful! Continue reading “Flower of the week, stocks”

Six ways to use flowers to make your home lovelier

What are flowers for? They’re for making your home naturally lovely, of course! Top interiors blogger Rebecca Sterling gives us her tips for displaying flowers in the home…

What are fresh flowers for? They’re for making your home naturally lovely, of course! We’ve invited top interiors blogger Rebecca Sterling of Roses & Rolltops to give us her tips for displaying flowers in the home…

Hello! I’m Rebecca and quite frankly I’m obsessed with having flowers in the house at all times. Whether they’re a home grown bunch I’ve snipped from the garden to display in little jam jars or if I’m treating myself to something a larger bouquet (or a Freddie’s box!) I’d love to share with you some of the ways that flowers brighten up the home:


1. Use flowers for colour-splashes


I’m boring with décor and my style, choosing neutral, timeless colours and plain patterns to play it safe. But this means that I can then accessorise with a constant stream of fresh flowers for colour that I can change easily, depending on my mood and the season, and won’t get sick of. Flowers are the easiest and quickest way to update your interiors and will instantly give a fresh new look to a space.

You can either choose colours to tone and coordinate with your existing décor, choosing a shade that matches in with a painting on the wall or cushions. Or to contrast and compliment, a yellow pop of sunflowers against grey for example.


2. Be seasonal

FullSizeRender 3

I choose flowers based on the seasons. In the spring I want bright scented daffodils and pastel tulips to brighten the grey cold days but then as summer comes it’s allll about pink peonies, stocks and roses. The end of summer will always mean sunflowers to me and as we move into autumn I want more dusky warmer tones with hydrangeas and autumn pickings like blackberries, autumn leaves and pumpkins.


3. Respect the receptacles!


I love how different types of blooms encourage me to think of new, fun ways to display them each week. From old fashioned marmalade pots to washed up Bonne Maman jam jars, upcycled candle jars or the more traditional glass vases or vintage jugs, you can create some pretty displays of fresh flowers around the home by mixing it up and being creative with what you display them in as well as how you arrange them.


4. Split your fresh flowers

FullSizeRender 2

While big displays can look instantly impressive, so can splitting bouquets into smaller displays of fresh flowers. Cut flowers down to different sizes and group either individually or make lots of mini bouquets to scatter around the home.


5. Put fresh flowers in unexpected places

FullSizeRender 4

Think outside the box on where you display flowers. Of course the kitchen island, a lounge mantle piece or coffee table tend to be the places that you associate with creating displays. But smaller bunches on a bedside table or even on a shelf in the hallway, as part of a bookcase display or in a bathroom by the sink will make you smile when you wake up or walk past them.


6. Follow your nose


Think about scented varieties to bring another element into your décor instead of relying on candles or diffusers to make your rooms smell nice. You can’t beat the heady scent of narcissi in the spring or summery sweet peas.

FullSizeRender 5

But remember, whatever your choice of flower and however you choose to display them, you really can’t go wrong. It’s not like a paint colour that you may land up regretting, it’s not vastly expensive, and when you think about flowers in the wild – any colour goes. Nature never gets it wrong. All flowers are so pretty so enjoy enjoy enjoy! And when they’re finished, go get the next bunch…




Rebecca Sterling runs the Roses & Rolltops blog, chock-full of fabulous interiors, flowers, travel and more. She is also one of our favourite Instagrammers – see @rvk_loves 


Love flowers? So do we! Make your home naturally lovely all year round by signing up for a delivery box for just £24 a pop. 

Six splendid, unusual vases for showing off your flower arrangements

We’ve hunted around for receptacles worthy of your arranging skills! Here are six stylish, unusual and very affordable flower vases…

Great artists need canvases, composers need orchestras, and champion flower arrangers like you need vases! (Or urns, or oversized milk jugs… or anyway something nice in which to plonk your latest Freddie’s Flowers delivery.)

We’ve hunted around for some suitable receptacles worthy of your skills, so without further ado, here are six stylish, unusual and very affordable flower vases that can be ordered online now…


1. Silver-finished Florence glass vases by Lime Lace

florence glass vase

If you like to split your arrangements over a few vases then these petite, shabby chic beauties from indie boutique Lime Lace would be perfect. The glass has a distressed silver finish for a naturally lovely antiquey sort of feel. Absurdly affordable, too.

£6.95 each from Lime Lace here.



2. Stockholm aquatic vase by Stelton

stockholm aquatic vase

How’s this for a bit of timeless Scandi design quality? It’s an aluminium and enamel vase by Swedish duo Bernadotte & Kylberg. We love the ocean blues on simple white, and reckon it would be ideal for showing off your flowers without competing with them.

£114.50 from Made in Design here



3. Lily vase by Bristol Blue Glass

Bristol Blue lily vase

Speaking of blue, the legendary glass-blowers of Bristol have all sorts of fab flower receptacles in their armoury, but we especially like this classic lily vase. All Bristol Blue Glass pieces are handmade and therefore totally unique. (Incidentally, Brizzle is one of areas that we deliver Freddie’s Flowers free!)

From £108.00 direct from Bristol Blue here.



4. Retro German ceramic vase by Carstens

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Carstens was a West German ceramic company operating between 1945 and 1984, and there are plenty of cool retro pieces to be had online, like this textured sand-coloured vase. It’s one of several Carstens vases available from the very stylish family-run Homeplace store.

£36 from Homeplace here.


5. Ceramic Flower Jug from Papa Stour


papa stour

Designed by Lara for the Scottish craft and design boutique Papa Stour, these lovely, quirky flower jugs are made from soft slabs of clay, with delicate rims and edges. There are three versions, two stripy ones and a leafy one.

£48 from Papa Stour here.



6. Silver Milk Churn from Wedding of My Dreams

milk churn

Or if not a milk jug, how about a milk churn? Ridiculously affordable at a tenner each, these are officially wedding table centerpieces, but so what? They’d be great for anyone who wants a bit of country rustic to go with their artfully plonked flower arrangement. Why should brides always have all the nice stuff, anyway?

£10 from Wedding of My Dreams here.



There are of course zillions of lovely vases out there, so we’ll definitely be featuring more receptacles in future posts.

Have you spotted some beauties? Do you even make them? They don’t have to be vases – Freddie’s flowers can look splendid in anything from champagne bottles to wellie boots!

Please do share your suggestions with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.


Or if you have the vases but need the flowers to go in them, sign up for Freddie’s naturally lovely flower deliveries at £24 a pop here.