Flowerful Stuff

A solid(ago) choice

Solidago A solid(ago) favourite of mine in the plant world. Which is why I include it in our flower boxes every now and then. Solidago is a splendid plant with very green leaves and a glittering of tiny yellow flowers on top. Solidago is usually found in large open areas such as meadows, prairies and…Read more

A whole bunch of Autumn

Blustery, autumnal wonderfulness Autumn is well and truly here. The colour outside is changing, t-shirts have been swapped for jumpers and the demand for the heating to be put on echoes around the office every 5 minutes. The answer is still ”put another jumper on”. So to celebrate the colder winds and darker mornings we…Read more

Back to reality!

Bye bye Summer Summer is over. Beach days are done. The green parrots of London are flying south to Spain. The blackberries have wilted and died on the vine. School has started and there is an ever-present chill in the air. It’s that time again. Time to swap sandals and sundresses for tights and woolly…Read more

Photo gallery – July’s English Summer arrangements!

Nothing makes us happier than when we see photographs of our flowers in their new home. Thank you to our lovely gang of customers who have sent in and posted photographs. July was a very sunny month with our sunflower, Wimbledon* and gladioli** arrangements and not forgetting the fab roselily makes its first cameo appearance! So…Read more

Cocktails are so floral right now!

Floral mixs and Freddie’s best picks! What could be better than flowers and cocktails? (Other than cut flowers brightening your home)? I simply cannot think of two better things. Strictly for research purposes only of course, I have been ‘researching’ some of the delicious cocktail trends in London. I can confirm, through my vigorous testing process that cocktails…Read more

Freddie catches Wimbledon fever!

What happens when a London flower delivery service catches Wimbledon fever? It’s the beginning of July and we all know what that means! Wimbledon is upon us. Pimms is permanently in the left hand of every British man and woman. Living rooms across the nation all have Sue Barker over for tea. And we’re no exception…Read more