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A few flowerful secrets to make sure you’re party season prepped

Christmas and all its frivolities (including Christmas flower deliveries) are here! ‘Who wants a mince pie?’ chimes around offices, homes, playgrounds and winter picnics (if you’re brave enough). We’ll be opening advent calendar windows before breakfast in no time. I absolutely adore Christmas. Just love it. So bring on the plethora of pies, parties and […]

Arrangement of red lilies

Misti’s flower diary; ”Pretend you’re a firework”

Autumnal flowers and fairies My daughter lost her first tooth Halloween morning. She was standing at the basin in her Batgirl costume getting ready for school when suddenly I heard a scream. I ran in. Helena had a toothbrush in her mouth and was dripping minty foam—not an uncommon occurrence in our home at 8:15 a.m. Then I […]

Flower of the week: Bouvardia

Bonjour to the little tubular bell-square shaped show-offs; the beautiful and wonderfully scented cut bouvardia! Unlike some our past ‘flowers of the week’, you may have come across bouvardia. It’s a popular choice in celebratory arrangements. Which figures, seeing as cut bouvardia symbolises enthusiasm. And who could be more enthusiastic about the flower itself than me? You will […]

A photograph of a pub with Freddie's Flowers

Photo gallery – September’s stupendous arrangements

Photo gallery Nothing makes us happier than when we see photographs of our flowers in their new home. Thank you to our lovely gang of customers who have sent in and posted photographs. Bringing Autumn firmly in the forefront of our minds September showed some cosy collections such as sweet williams, brassicas, lisanthus and the and the sophisticated sedum. So here […]