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The arrangement we display in Freddie's Flowers bikes

Photo gallery – July’s English Summer arrangements!

Nothing makes us happier than when we see photographs of our flowers in their new home. Thank you to our lovely gang of customers who have sent in and posted photographs. July was a very sunny month with our sunflower, Wimbledon* and gladioli** arrangements and not forgetting the fab roselily makes its first cameo appearance! So […]

Peonies, stocks and thlaspi

Photo gallery: A June-full bunch of flower arranging

There’s something special about Freddie’s Flowers customers – they are great at flower arranging. And they have impeccable taste in flowers, might I add! Here’s a gallery of some of the recent photos shared with us by Freddie’s Flower People – i.e. our lovely gang of customers. It was a month of peonies and roselilies. And […]