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Sustainability at Freddie's Flowers

I love delivering flowery joy, bringing a touch of the natural world into your home. Keeping that natural world healthy and happy is so important, and I want our flowers to be grown and delivered sustainably. I’m proud of what we’ve done so far, and am passionate about continuing to improve what we do. It’s a no-brainer: the better the environment, the better our flowers. 

  • – Freddie Garland, Founder
Carbon neutral certified

We are so proud that the Carbon Trust has certified Freddie’s Flowers as carbon neutral (PAS 2060 standard) for all UK operations – this is a huge step for us. 

We’ve achieved this by supporting UK tree planting in the South of England, as well as protecting against deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. (Part of UN-REDD+ and certified to the Verified Carbon Standard).

Not only that, we’ve also set a target of reducing our emissions by 5% each year for the next three years, as well as joining the Science Based Targets Initiative, aligning our emissions reduction strategy to the U.N. Paris Agreement 1.5°C target.

Things we’ve done

Carbon Neutrality isn’t the only way we’re improving our sustainability. Other steps include:


  • We follow a ‘grow to order’ model, so our growers only cut the flowers we need – less wasteful and more sustainable!

Read more about some of our growers here!


  • All Freddie’s Flowers packaging is now recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Wherever we make our own deliveries, we're able to collect our boxes. 90% of boxes collected are reused.


  • We make 75% of all London deliveries by bicycle courier, rather than van. 
  • Our nationwide deliveries are made by DPD, a certified carbon-neutral courier. 


  • Since February 2020 we’ve been progressively switching our office energy supply over to a sustainable provider (Bulb), with the aim to have a completely sustainable supply within two years.
Next steps

This is just the beginning. We have the following ambitions for the future, continuing our quest for sustainability within the flower sector:

Flower sourcing

We are members of the Floral Sustainability Initiative, with a target of 90% of our flowers being sourced sustainably over the next 18 months. 

Carbon Neutral

We aim to maintain our Carbon Neutral status, continuing to reduce our emissions year on year.

Our Supply Chain

We want to tackle carbon emissions within our supply chain, helping eliminate downstream transport emissions. 


We aim to further expand our fleet of bicycle couriers, as well as progressively electrifying our vehicle fleet. 

  • A note from Will
  • – Head of Sustainability

As a passionate environmentalist, I want Freddie’s Flowers to be a pioneer for the industry and actively taking responsibility to mitigate our environmental impact. It is important to do things by the book and ensure that we are transparent in our claims and achievements. We’re a young and vibrant business; I am excited for our future plans as drivers of change with our sector, redefining what it means to be a responsible, modern-day florist. 

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